Jul 27 2016

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Every aspect of  the Democrat Convention literally turned my stomach. Every speaker, every screaming delegate, everything and anything about this gathering mocks America , with in your face lies, hypocrisy wickedness and greed. Demon-crats have lost their souls, they are feeding at the trough of million dollar donations and lavish dinners hosted by disgusting demons, who bought their souls for money and power.  How can anyone pretend that these “Demon-crats” are not demonically possessed by criminal greed and contempt for America? These are the great traitors, that have destroyed this country with lies, trade deals and theft of Americans’ money, jobs and industry and betray our country with every breath they take. They offer nothing but more of the same horrid foreign and domestic policy of war and poverty.  The same liars and incompetent fools in the Obama Administration would be in a Hillary Administration.

As a commitment to my eternal soul, I swear I will never watch anything or anyone,or anymore of the Democrat Convention. They all turn my stomach, enough to heave with sheer disgust. at the  gluttony of salacious whores, who cheer on their Satanic Queen.  If Hillary Clinton is elected to the Presidency it will not be by anything I do or say. I have seen the worst candidates I have ever seen, who parade themselves as Democrats, many of them are from Connecticut, who have gleefully taken their seats at the feet of Hillary Clinton and bow to her wickedness, corruption and contempt of all Americans and American Justice.  This will be my last statement about the Democrat Convention.  I fear that if I say more, or indulge further in the disgusting televised event, I will fall  into the cesspool of Democrat Party Politics.

If Providence prevails, as George Washington stated it does in his First Inaugural Address, then honest and patriotic Americans can rest assured that the Democrat Party and all of it’s deluded delegates and demonic candidates will be destroyed by a deluge of hatred,from millions of  honest,patriotic  Americans, who believe in the sanctity of their freedoms, and make just war against all enemies inside and outside of our country.

A vote for Hillary Clinton or any of her Demon-crat Minions is a vote for hell on earth. More murders, more mayhem , more poverty, more suffering and homelessness, more anarchy, and more drooling hypocrisy is all anyone can expect from a Hillary Clinton / Democrat victory in November .


L.A. Steel

Independent Write In Presidential Candidate 2016




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