Jul 26 2016

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The Democrat Convention was the greatest farce of criminal hypocrisy I have ever witnessed.  The racism of Michelle Obama was  displayed so blatantly as she stated how ashamed she was that “Slaves built the White House.” that she has lived in for 8 years. If it bothers her so much, she should have refused to live there. All the Black Lives Matter Movement would have cheered, and everyone who dislikes Obama wouldn’t have any complaints. If it made them feel more comfortable they could have lived in the slave quarters.  Barack and Michelle Obama will not be missed by anyone, anywhere, once they leave office.  If Donald Trump is elected, he will undo all of Obama’s Executive Orders, and dismantle all of Obama’s failed policies, and trade agreements, and any remnant of Obama’s administration. Nothing or anyone connected to the Obama presidency will remain other than the official White House Portrait, which will be removed during the Donald Trump presidency.  Michelle Obama was frantic when she spoke of Donald Trump , the man who exposed her husband for not being a naturalized citizen, and condemned everything Obama has done as President as a disaster, and called him completely incompetent. I think most viewers could see the fear in her eyes and hate in her voice for what appeared to be White Americans, even though 3/4 of the stadium was filled with White People.  No other President in modern history has done more to create racial tensions in the U.S.  Never have their been as many hate crimes, cop killings and false flag terror attacks as there have been under the Obama Administration.

I could not watch more than a few minutes of the convention and what I saw were the highlights, of Bernie Sanders supporters disrupting speakers, and the worst possible JEWISH comedian Sarah Silverman. This woman is so full of hatred for Christians and other non Jewish people, that she continually scorns Christians and degrades the image and person of Christ in her performances.  Her hate is so seething towards non Jews that her presence at the Democrat Convention was a deliberate attack against all Christians and non Jews in America and the world. The Hillary Democrats are all atheist or Zionists. Sarah Silverman is one of the biggest hate mongers in America and  told the  BERNIE OR BUST  supporters from a stage appearance, that they were being “ridiculous.”  and insulted over  half of the audience, all who watched the convention.

Bernie Sanders was the most worthless speaker of the entire day.  That  his poor deluded followers still believe he wants to be President and fight for the nomination are all high on Bernie Kool Aid.  Bernie sold out to HIllary and always intended to, but because he received so much money and attention, he dragged it out as long as he could and collected over $220 million dollars he spent 120 million supposedly, and is allowed to keep $100 million. Great pay for a year’s work, and the selling out of  America’s youthful hope. The DNC convention will be seen in history as the Convention of idiots and thieves at  the wake celebration, and funeral of the Democrat Party.  No American with any knowledge of The Clinton and Obama administrations will be swayed by the blatant display of outrageous hypocrisy by every speaker and delegate at the Convention. On the first day of the Democrat Convention Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama, and everyone who spoke on stage, turned around , pulled down their pants and mooned the world.  The Democrats have shouted FUCK YOU to Americans, and expect us to bow down and kiss their collective asses.  It’s not going to happen. Americans with any brain in their head and any honor, and integrity will condemn the Democrats and everyone at the Convention for the traitors and criminals they are.

The following days of the convention are not worth noting especially when the Key Note Speaker is the Impeached Democrat President and famous philandering Husband of Hillary, none other than the infamous Bill Clinton. A known international criminal and traitor of the American people of the highest order.  The Democrat Convention is a gathering of Satanists and eager to do the bidding of the Democrat High Priests and Priestesses, as they cheer and grovel before them on stage.  It is a horribly frightening display of the worst of America’s political leaders and globalist, corporate, fascist, genocidal, tyranny, disguised under the mask of Democratic Party Unity.  The farce is so great that historians and play wrights will enshrine the 2016 Democratic Convention, as a ultimate historical  symbol of the most contemptuous acts of political hypocrisy and contempt of every honest American in History.

Though the Republican choice is Donald Trump, the Republicans and Independents who vote for him and have voted for him, are patriotic Americans, unwilling to accept the criminality and hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.    The following video is a performance by Sarah Silverman one of the speakers at the Democrat Convention last night. She is obviously Jewish, but look at the contempt she shows for Christians and for all non Jews and especially Black Americans. Hilary and the hypocrites and satanists at the convention honored this woman to speak for Hillary and all Democrats.



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