Jun 18 2016

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MY BACKYARD BLACK BEAR. 3Here are a few pictures I took today of Ben my Back Yard Black Bear.  I first met him when he ran  through my back yard a few weeks ago, but today he was seriously looking for food and excitement.  I reacted too late with my camera to take his picture when he looked through my glass storm door , then grabbed the plastic bag of trash I put on the front step, to take to the the garbage dumpster. Ben has never been this bold before and kept his romps limited to my back yard, but this morning he decided to take a stroll through the nearby front yards and my back yard. He pulled down my neighbor’s low flying flag, then he grabbed my plastic trash bag and brought it  to the sidewalk and tore it open. He enjoyed the thrown away bits of cooked vegetables from last night’s dinner, and a Reeses peanut butter cup candy wrapper with melted chocolate on it.

The close up picture of him was cut off because he was less than 10 ft. away from me and didn’t like having his  picture taken, then he started to come closer. As I backed away from him he bowed his head out of my picture,when Leila came out of the house shaking her broom at Ben and shouting at him to go away.  Her voice was loud and shrill , and poor Ben ran off in fear, before I could get a better picture of him.

L.A. Steel



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