Jun 09 2016

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The final betrayal of the “Progressives” is complete.  Elizabeth Warren has endorsed Hillary for the nomination, and so has “Progressive Man” Sherwood Brown. This is a Democrat train wreck about to happen. Millions of Bernie Sanders supporters will either not vote, write in Bernie Sanders, or vote for Donald Trump so the Democrat Party will be destroyed for the next 20 years. The Democratic Party already cut off its legs in 2000, but now they have decided to put a gun to their heads and commit political suicide.  If Bernie Sanders is not nominated at the convention, Hillary and all of her supporters will have the nightmare of their lives once their candidate is arrested and purp walked out of the convention, and when thousands of Bernie Supporters demolish the convention hall and beat up Hillary delegates, and go after Hillary herself.  The stupid arrogance of the Hillary Clinton Party will create such hatred against them, they will be threatened and attacked. Even the Police and Secret Service Oath Keepers will join in the fray and watch as Hillary is coronated with a bucket of ice water.

I once thought Warren had integrity but like all the Hillary Hags in the Senate, she finally proved who she really is , just another Democratic Whore who will sell out her supporters and her country for personal ambition. She could never unite the party under Hillary. Pocahontas Warren for some reason thinks she’s popular with the American People. She has become popular only by Donald Trump’s nickname for her, Pocahontas. Pocahontas Warren will do nothing for the Hillary Ticket. She has fallen from grace and has become another sock puppet for the Hillary Party, ” Criminal Enterprise”.  Donald Trump has already torn Warren apart and she continues to seethe as she twitters her stupidity and venom towards him.  She hasn’t the courage or commitment to fight against the Clinton Criminal Enterprise, that has bought off and bribed almost every Democrat member of Congress and Senate, as well as the Obama White House.

Hillary will ignore Pocahontas Warren as a VP pick, out of personal disdain, and not wanting her VP choice to overshadow her .  Then you have Wonder Man Sherwood Brown. Few know his record, though he parades himself as a “progressive”. Patting Hillary on her butt, for a VP nod may turn her on , but it will lose him any and all chances of re-election to his own seat, and Governor of Ohio Kasich will appoint a Republican for Brown’s Seat. By his endorsement of Hillary, Brown has castrated himself, to become her Eunuch, to gain Hillary the LBGT vote. Then she could get Miley Cyrus and her Achy Breaky Dad to appear at her rallies as a duet.

I love this election cycle. The insanity has no end in sight as the world watches in amazement and fear as to who or what the American people will elect as their President.   I do hope Putin releases the 20,000 emails Russia  hacked from Hillary’s private email server. If Russia ever wants to be friends with America now is the perfect time. The criminal insanity of Hillary Clinton is so glaringly obvious in the released statements from the FBI regarding their ongoing investigation. Hillary will not politically survive the next month. By July a formal warrant for her arrest will be issued. If there is any justice left in the world, Hillary must be arrested, and stopped, even if it takes Mr. Putin’s help to do it.

I feel like a political refugee oppressed by a corrupt and tyrannical government.  I hated what happened to America and the world with the 2000 Supreme Court Selection of G.W Bush for President. I learned then how rigged the U.S election system really is. I supported Ralph Nader in 2000 and 2004 but I still got Bush, war, terror, stupidity, and financial ruin from the rigged political and financial system.  I enjoyed 2008 when Hillary lost to Obama. Any politician that endorses Hillary Clinton, or any “American” who supports her must be incapable of rational thought, or are ignorant of and indifferent to what Hillary really is, and what the Democrat Party has become.


L.A. Steel

Independent, Write In, Presidential Candidate 2016





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