Apr 13 2016

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Bernie Trails Hillary By 14 Points In New York, Bernie Will Win.



It was announced this morning on CSPAN that Hillary is only leading Bernie in New York by 14 polling points. This is in her home state, where she served as senator for two terms. Bernie has been behind in all the polls in primary states he has won, except the states where he was 20 to 30 points behind Hillary in predominantly poor Black primary states.   A 14% lead for Hillary will be nullified to a 14% lead for Bernie by next Tuesday’s New York primary. Hillary will lose New York or be sued by Sanders’ Campaign for blatant election fraud.

Unfortunately my state of Connecticut has a primary on 4/26/16. Hillary is loved by our Governor, but no one likes our governor so his endorsement of Hillary means nothing. However, it still doesn’t stop the B.S. Hillary / Bernie campaign ads in my state that started last week.  The Hillary ad shows her looking presidential, and hugging children and black people. Oh so presidential looking , She looks like the abusive owner of a day care center trying to look kind and nice for the cameras before she’s arrested.   Bernie is trying to impress voters that he’s “qualified ” to lead the nation, because he is so smart and good and experienced. All Bernie has to do to win is say in his ad that Hillary has two FBI indictments against her and will be arrested before the General Election. If he did that, he would win all the next primaries by landslides. Most Hillary Supporters don’t know about her FBI indictments already given to the Dept.of Justice this month. The lame stream media isn’t saying a word about.

Instead of saying what needs to be said, Bernie is going for the Catholic Vote, by visiting the Pope this week at the Vatican. Smart move maybe.  As a Jew he needs all the Catholic votes he can get. but unlike Evangelists Catholics aren’t known for their fondness of Jews. Jews were the first to suffer under the Catholic Inquisition. Hillary is an atheist but is loved by most middle age white Catholics just coming off a Lenten Fast of Forty Days of eating Fish. So Americans must forgive them for being religiously disoriented and supporting Hillary. Maybe Bernie shaking hands with the Pope or having the Pope kiss his feet, will help Catholics believe Bernie is the Chosen One.


L.A. Steel

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