Jan 31 2016

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The crowd in Iowa last night had no boundaries for their Love and respect of Hillary, Bill ,and Chelsea. I couldn’t help laughing when,Hillary, and  Bill began their performances late, on the nationally televised stage of a high school in Iowa. It was packed with Hillary and Bill fans from the National Teacher’s Union. Everyone in the crowd looked like a teacher, with “I love Hillary” posters. Her fans were almost exclusively White , Middle Class, Middle Aged, Men and Women, who have been teaching History,Science, and English for the last 40 years. There were a few Phys Ed teachers in the crowd, and one math teacher who was being held down by force, because he gave Hillary the Finger.

Any teacher or union who comes out, and openly supports Hillary for President, is a perfect example of what school teachers believe, blindly following a Presidential candidate, that has been involved with over 22 public scandals in her career, and two days before the Iowa Caucus the FBI has indicted her for mishandling numerous Top Secret messages, while she was Secretary of State.   Anyone who supports Hillary does not know who she is. They think Hillary and Bill are like they are. Nice , Normal, Upstanding, Good-Americans, with a few hidden pimples under their makeup.

Any teacher or student really interested in a remarkable change, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump or L.A. Steel are the candidates that mean business. Hillary and Bill are running to stay out of jail, and avoid the inevitable collapse of the Clinton Foundation.  If they don’t win the election, or even the Iowa Caucus, they will have no way to protect themselves from coming indictments on both of them .

As an active Presidential Candidate in the 2016 election, I consider it important to note to my readers that, the Hillary Campaign is about to cap size, and everyone in public unions who, “Love Hillary” better put on their life jackets, because the USS. Clinton is about to be blown out of the water, and all passengers will be lost; unless they desperately cling to, or jump onto  BERNIE’S PARTY BOAT. There is no time to waste.  Hillary represents the good old establishment Democrats, who have sold out Liberal Americans in every way possible.

Progressive Democrats must embrace the new ideology of Social Democrats, or just drop the Democrats all together. It is time now to begin an Independent Party to challenge the Two Parties. In 2016, Registered Independent Voters make up 46% of all active voters Independents could completely dominate this election into the White House. A Revolutionary, Independent , Congress and President, would rid our government of its many cancers, and re-instate the spirit of the first American Revolutionaries, who founded our country. It is time Americans stand up to our incompetent leaders and archaic laws, that restrict our strength, our knowledge, and freedom, and subjects all ,but the 1%, to slavery.



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