Jun 22 2008

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This reading of John McCain was done with a nine card lay , The Elemental Power Spread.

FIRST CARD: SUN . The positive definition of this card represents, a renewal of self however, it’s negative definition repesents a spoiled and childish attitude; that will prove detimental. Both of these definitions typify John McCain’s present situation. The first card in this progression represents the present.

SECOND CARD: EIGHT OF PENTICLES. This card represents the emotional state of the individual. The positive aspect of this card relates to one’s skill and craftmanship, and paying attention to details. If an individual pays attention to these areas he will be rewarded with long term results. The negative aspects of this card are; that the individual may be careless, and filled with avarice. Poor planning will lead to failure.

THIRD CARD: DEATH. This card does not have the ominous meaning one might attribute to it. Third Position in this progression signifies the Intellect. The positive aspect of the card means it is a time of transition and transformation. Leaving the past behind. Matter and physical reality transformed. The negative aspect suggests Failure. Fear, Depression, confronting an unpleasant reality which calls for change. My reading of this indicates John McCain must reassess his strategy or he will ultilmately fail. His past will greatly haunt him in the coming months; unless he successfully confronts it and can dispell all rumors publicly. Much of his past is hidden from the public and will soon be exposed. His miltary records are sealed, and his harsh treatment of Vietnam POW families during his senate hearings with John Kerry is being made public, by those families. Also testimonies by other POWs, who were in prison with John McCain stated , John McCain collaborated with the enemy.

FORTH CARD: QUEEN OF WANDS. This card appears in the forth position , which represents Earth , the result card or integration. The positive aspect of this card represents passions, dictating one’s physical reality. It also indicates a strong mother figure, or good manager. The negative aspect of this card indicates the presense of an overbearing and uncompromising woman. Possibly a physical illness caused by emotional stress. Jealousy from a woman. I believe this card in association with the previous cards indicates Mrs. McCain may have a greater say in Mr. McCain’s campaign and ambitions than the public is led to believe. John McCain is well known for his dalliances with the ladies. His recent dalliance with an attractive Washington lobbyist, has been successfully kept out of the news lately, however the Queen of Wands signifies that Mrs. McCain hasn’t forgotten about it. The Queen of Wands being in the forth position of this progression signifies; that a certain overbearing woman will have a serious effect on the outcome of McCain’s candidacy. One other meaning of this card in this progression is ; that McCain may choose a woman as VP for his running mate.

FIFTH CARD: FOUR OF PENTICLES. This card lays in the fifth position of the progression . This position represents the Foundaton or Motivating Force. The positive aspects of this card represents status and obtainment. The negative aspects , represents selfishness, leading to failure. Unwise handling of funds. Obtainment is short lived. A humbling experience. My reading of this card as it falls in the fifth positon , leads me to believe John McCain is currently very proud of himself, but his obvious inability to manage money, and people , and his obsessive narcissim , will ultimately bring about his defeat.

SIXTH CARD: FIVE OF PENTICLES. This card lays in the sixth position of the progression which signifies the Long Range Future Outcome. The positive aspects of this card in this position is indicates a that the prize awaits if constructive use of disapline is applied to one’s efforts. But it also signifies a severe lack of funds. The negative aspects of this card signifies laziness, unreal expectations, confusion and mental instability . Focusing one’s entire life on winning the lotto. Unreal expectations. My interpretation of this card in the sixth position, is that John McCain will loose the election, and may suffer a mental breakdown, either during the campaign or shortly after . He will again mismanage his campaign funding, and his marrage may end at the same time his presidential ambitions are ended.

SEVENTH CARD: PAGE OF SWORDS: The seventh card along with the eigth and ninth card represent the Arch of Influence. These cards indicate the supportive influences around the the individual; that may effect the outcome of their future. The Page of Swords in it’s positive aspect represents the possibility of reward from hard work. It means respect, notoriety, and stardom. The negative aspects of this card, signifies the existence of swindler’s and con men working to decieve, a money making scheme, false promises, slander, shameful and embarrassing news. My interpretation of this card as it lies in the seventh position is; that John McCain or those surrounding him in his campaign will cause his ruin. News of a financial scandal in the McCain campaign may be about to break. It is well known; that McCain’s top advisors are all lobbyists with ties to major corporations and to foreign countries. McCain has publicly accepted funds from European bankers in violation of the Federal Laws restricting foreign funding of presidential candidates. This card as a foundation card of influence, signifies the dubious character of John McCain, and those who advise him.

EIGTH CARD: SIX OF PENTICLES. This card has great significance within the Arch of Influence. It is to be read with the Sixth Card for an accurate reading. The Six of Penticles’ positive aspect is an opportunity through charity, generosity, or gifts, answered prayers. However it’s negative aspects are bribery leading to failure, harassment, payback. As the eigth card must be read with the sixth card I interpret the meaning of this card as, John McCains campaign will be mired in scandal and will be completely without funds before November. He will attempt to borrow, beg and steal everything he can , but his defeat is inevitable. He will be harrassed by his creditors, and hounded by all , who he owes favors to. The generosity of the Republican supporters to McCain will soon end once they realize McCain is incompetent to handle money, and can not be trusted to responsibly manage the U.S economy at a time; when fiscal responsibility in the U.S government is an absolute mandate by the American voter.


This is the final card of the progression and the last card in the Arch of Influence. This position signifies the last hope, or the last gasp. The positive aspects of the Ace of Swords are trial and tribulation; that bring about a new outlook, survival of the fittest , a separation from unbeneficial influences, awareness, constructive criticism . The negative aspects of this card are subborness, prejudice, stagnation. A no win situation, options denied, anxiety , mental breakdown, murder , death by attack or surgery. Mental problems, illness of the nerves.

My conclusive reading of all of the cards is ; that John McCain will loose the election in 2008, by a crushing defeat. He will also loose his mind in the process, and the only way to escape his shame and the harassment by the public will be to retreat into a mental institution. His career and reputation will be utterly ruined. Based upon the cards selected, I feel very sorry for John McCain, however karma always prevails.

I have done Barack Obama’s tarot reading as well, and will present it to my readers in tomorrows post, on 6/23/08 .


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