May 01 2015

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Trans-Dimensional Radio with L.A. Steel ( Message from the White Brotherhood)

 Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with L A STEEL SHOW
Tonight I present the first program in a series of channeled messages in real time from  my old friends George Dickson and Bill Marshal,both passed over  several years ago, and are now adepts of the Great White Brotherhood on the 6th Dimension.  Bill and George will be sharing far more insights and knowledge from their experiences in the 5th and 6th dimensions and wisdom from the great Masters, who are their current teachers. It is part of their initiation into the Brotherhood of Masters to present their messages to the world as they did when they were alive. It is their  decision to channel their words and counsel here.
L.A. Steel

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    Nice to hear from you. George and Bill did a radio show with me in May and one with Maria and all of us.
    George and Bill asked me to write out their essays and, I auto wrote them as they spoke them to me. Since then they haven’t been as vocal. Both are fifth and sixth dimensional as Initiates in the White Brotherhood. I hope to describe their spiritual journey as they describe it to me. They said this was their assignment as initiates into the dimension of The Masters.
    Say hello to Linda and everyone. Tell Rick I don’t play CandyCrush. Also say hello to Adam for me.
    My Best,

  2. Jacqueline Bachman

    Leo, I wished this was in reading…..written closed captions for me, my brothers and Bill’s words.

    Thanks GLAD you did this… smile. Jackie (Dickson – Bachman)

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