Dec 21 2014

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Remembering Virtual Love

remembering virtual love

Today is a day of rambling thoughts
greeted by a sunless sky of gray clouds
over snow covered landscapes.

I  wondered about something,
then wondered about something else
until my thoughts changed again.

Grasping a lost thought is
like grasping a dream,
they both vanish forever.

A holographic vision
creates a virtual world
that I can not enter.

I stand outside looking in
and play with the thoughts I have
wondering if I or they are real.

I saw and heard a ghost from my past.
She was young and beautiful,
as she was when alive.

I heard her voice.
I saw her smile.
Her hair was blonde.

Her eyes sparkled.
She wore a blue dress.
She smiled her perfect smile.

She said she would stay with me,
but fate is a whimsical thing,and
I am too thoughtless to remember a dream.


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