Nov 30 2014

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Officer Wilson Resigns Over Race Riots

Bleeding Blue 2014   Listening to and reading reports from the ultra liberal main stream media regarding Officer Wilson’s resignation I have become disgusted by the dismissive tones in their reports. Why should an outstanding police officer, who did his job and defended himself against a physical attack by Michael Brown be badgered and threatened by criminals, thieves and terror squads of gang members and looters?

Black Friday became a call to steal for all looters and thieves regardless of race in many cities throughout the U.S as rioters.   Righteous protesters were overwhelmed by gangs, thugs and thieves using the guise of civil disobedience for racial inequality, to destroy businesses and property to get free food, liquor and cigarettes and “Christmas” gifts from the stores and homes they robbed.

If I were a Ferguson police officer I would be considering resignation and looking for another town or city to work in, rather than be harassed and have my family threatened by thugs and thieves. Let the Ferguson people who are supporting the riots defend themselves. Let all the store owners and businesses leave town and close up their shops. They might as well because no one in their right mind will want to set up a business in Ferguson or live in Ferguson, except possibly the National Guard , the U.S Military or a prison facility.

I wish Officer Wilson well and hope he finds peace and happiness with his new wife. The turmoil in the last four months for Wilson must be unbelievable. I hope he and his new wife can be happy somewhere.

I know how some policemen and women are abusive and combative. I have been abused by some as have some of my friends, but I also know how relieved I was to have them respond when I needed them, in accidents or assaults on the street or the theft of my car.  I realize the police officers have good days and bad days, They are trained to respond to threats and riots and whatever the situation is.  I have been pulled over and cited for traffic violations, just as millions of Americans and citizens of other countries have been stopped by police. Pulling a drunk driver off the road or protecting someone in a domestic dispute, or responding to a 911 call or a gun fight on a street or in a home or bar is a highly emotionally intense  situation.  I could never be a policeman. It takes a certain person to put on a uniform and look for trouble to try to stop it before it escalates into greater problems or solve gruesome crimes after they are committed.

There isn’t always a way to compromise with a crazed criminal or a raging lunatic , holding a hand gun or assault rifle, except to use deadly force.  Officer Wilson and hundreds of thousands of police officers like him must make quick life saving decisions, when to use deadly force to save their own lives or the lives of others. Michael Brown was six feet six inches tall and weighed 300 pounds, unarmed or not he posed as a serious threat to officer Wilson by striking him in the face several times and trying to grab his service revolver.  I think anyone placed in this position would have shot Michael Brown in self defense, or they might have been murdered by him.

L.A. Steel

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