Oct 15 2014

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A Dog Poem


When my dog died
I felt that I lost
a part of me
rather than a friend.

My dog was an extension of me.
He walked with me, and talked with me.
He ate with me and sometimes
he would sleep with me.

He waited for me to come home.
He slept soundly on his bed
and woke me up in the mornings,
with a whine or a bark or a nudge.

On occasion I got angry at him
and he got angry at me.
I worried whenever he ran off,
fearing he got in an accident or lost.

My dog’s smile,bark and growl
were like my own reactions
to things, or people,
dogs and cats or squirrels.

My dog loved me,
as I loved him.
We were special friends
until his life’s end.


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