Sep 20 2014

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my apple I phone 6



The insanity of consumers for the I phone 6 is mass hysteria, similar to the madness of people for flat screen televisions the last few Christmases. I cannot and never will understand the attraction to this gadget of all gadgets, nor can I understand how so many millions of apparently unemployed, underemployed or even homeless people can afford one. In one of the worst economic recessions of all time millions of people are standing in lines hundreds of people long at dawn outside APPLE stores and malls to be the first to buy an APPLE 6 I phone at a retail price of $600 or more, which is more money than over half of all people in the world’s yearly income.

If the insane consumer reaction to the  Iphone 6 is the sign of the future, the world is doomed. When the jobless American or Englishman or Australian decides to spend his days in line for an I phone, then go to a food bank and stand in line for food, I think there is some form of disconnect to reality.


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