Aug 29 2014

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Trans-Dimensional Radio with Guest Clairvoyant Maria Fix Algeri, 8/28/14

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Tonight Maria and I continue our discussion on trans-dimensional travel and finding  the soul’s center.  Maria describes the cosmic laws, that are the spiritual highways leading to the  transcendence of souls to greater levels of  enlightenment.

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  1. Susan Rice

    Dear Leo and Maria, Thank you so much for the helping me to understand more about the world around us. It is so nice to have two people discussing ancient knowledge in a radio show. You two blend so nicely on the show that I enjoy the additional information Leo is adding and questions that he is adding. As soon as I have a question it is like Leo knows exactly what it is while you are talking. And he asks it. It is amazing the flow of the conversation. You two flow from one thing to the other. I find my self stunned and thinking I know that. It is so hard sometimes to put these thoughts into words. You both truely have a way with words. I feel like I am learning so much every night. Wish you could do more than one show a week. Positive manifestation. What you want to make your reality you can achieve. I am going to have to listen to your show again to make sure I didn’t miss anything. So excited. So grateful to receive a sip, a piece and your gems of the knowledge you are sharing. I would like to hear more about everything…. I will leave it up to you two lovely people. Best wishes and Love if you have any books on the suggested reading list please put a list on your site

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