Sep 19 2010

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Understanding the Tea Party


Every American who has read a newspaper or watched television news or listened to a conservative radio talk show in the last year or so has heard of the Tea Party. Everyone who has accepted the invitation to join the Tea Party has had to go through a certain initiation to qualify to be a member. The initiation process is one of a diabolical maze of madness, motivated by deliberate marketing methods devised by madmen and women who are the party planners and work for Fox News and the Republican Party.

There are two phases to the initiation process and one prequalification for all Tea Party members. The prequalification is that all members must be White Americans. The first phase of the intitiation is that they must be completely submerged and trained in the “American” Christian faith. This involves the absolute belief that “Jesus is their Savior” and the one and only prophet and that the Bible is the absolute word and law of God,and Jesus was a white guy. The second phase of indoctrination is that all Tea Party members must be devoted followers of Fox News and the Republican Party.

I do not qualify for Tea Party membership, however I do not feel any sense of rejection. There have been many Parties I have been invited to and have not attended. This does not make me an elitist or snob, nor am I an atheist, communist or satanist. I would have greatly enjoyed the original Tea Party. During the 1960s and 70s I attended many parties. I still hold fond memories of many of the party hosts and hostesses and the many unusual guests who I shared Tea with. Our conversations were delightful and the antics of the hosts and guests were often beyond the expectations of most party goers. Over the years most of the meanings of the words that identified a Tea Party have changed. In the last century “Falling down in the spirit” meant falling down drunk.” Speaking in tongues” generally occurred when someone was on acid. The Tea that was served was often a mild or intensely fragrant blend of herbs, meant to please the palate and heighten the senses. The Tea Parties I attended were often religious experiences infused with discussions on politics and radical world views. In many ways they resembled the current Tea Parties that are being held throughout the United States.

The largest Tea Party held recently was hosted by Glenn Beck on the Washington D.C Mall. Thousands of guests attended. Glenn who is an admitted alcoholic failed to fall down or speak in tongues, however he did achieve the same success that so many hosts of the Tea parties I used to attend did,by leaving his guests mindless, confused, and satiated in the spirit.

L.A. Steel

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