Mar 22 2011

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A Violent Nation


The United States is without a doubt the most violent nation on earth. History proves this, yet Americans insist on denying their violent history or justifying it, by racism,government sponsored genocide and imperialistic national policy. The doctrine of Manifest Destiny was the most arrogant, imperialistic and oppressive doctrine ever instituted by any government, resulting in the genocide of 60 million indigenous people. “The only good injun is a dead injun.” This doctrine became instilled in the psyche of the American people and became the ingrained motivation taught in all elementary and secondary schools, promoted by television and radio and movies, and repeated daily by students through out the country in the Pledge of Allegiance. “I pledge allegiance to the Flag and the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” With liberty and justice for who? Not for the majority of people in this country. Definitely not for anyone who isn’t a white American. Absolutely not for anyone who opposes or even questions the domestic or foreign policies of this country.

Few if any nations have ever had as many of it’s leaders assassinated as the U.S has. Few if any nations have inflicted as much military and economic power throughout the world as the U.S has. Few if any other nation has killed through war, genocide and economic sanctions more people than the U.S has. Few if any other countries have over 3 million of its citizens incarcerated. Few if any nations have as high a violent crime rate as the U.S has. No nation in history has ever spent half of its national budget on military spending. No nations’ leaders , except the U.S has ever stated that”We are the policeman of the world.” No nation other than Nazi Germany and the U.S has ever preemptively attacked another nation without provocation and established a national doctrine to do so. If the U.S government authorizes this aggressive war mongering foreign policy, without majority opposition from its people, how can anyone deny that the U.S is the most violent and militaristic nation in the world? How can any rational thinking human being deny the arrogant and imperialistic character of the American people?

I am constantly amazed at the ability of the American people to consciously deny every aspect of their own violent behaviors when the evidence is so clearly apparent that Americans are the most violent people in the world. Our military speaks of the death of innocent victims from their military operations as “collateral damage.” We continue to use depleted uranium ammunition to fight our imperialist wars around the world, contaminating entire civilizations with radioactive pollution, that kills and deforms all present and future generations of children and adults in these embattled countries, exposing our own military men and women to radiation caused diseases, and denying them the truth about their exposure, and denying them proper medical and disability benefits upon their return home. Any sane individual must ask why these munitions are manufactured , though they are supposedly banned by international treaties, and why are they being used by a nation who so arrogantly pronounces its desire for freedom, liberty and democracy, and so hypocritically criticizes other nations for human rights violations?

The U.S has once again attacked a foreign nation in the guise of “Bringing democracy to the Middle East.” The U.S led invasion of Libya is again a preemptive strike against a non threatening nation. This is wrong. This is unjust. This is an abuse of military power against a sovereign nation. This is an unauthorized declaration of war on a weak nation, led by the most powerful nation in the world. Qaddafi poses no threat to the world or to the U.S , Qaddafi is and has been the leader of Libya for 40 years. Even after his notorious known sponsoring of terrorism for the last 30 years, no one has attempted to remove him from power. As we attack Libya our “Allie” Israel has been funding and soliciting over 50,000 mercenaries to support Qaddafi. The Israeli military and government is entirely supported by the U.S. Why would we want to support Qaddafi by supplying him with mercenaries to fight his own people and then attack him? This is the insanity of our leaders and our foreign policy. We fight and supply both sides of every conflict to keep our military industrial complex alive and well. The U.S economy is completely dependent upon the manufacturing and sales of larger and more deadly weapons. Trillions of U.S taxpayer dollars are spent for endless wars and conflicts throughout the world, without any objections by our Congress or the complicit national media. They understand that U.S sponsored death and destruction around the world is the backbone of the U.S economy and the avenue best used to vent outwards the inherent violence of the American people, to prevent Americans from venting their violence inward and destroying their own government and themselves.

On Sunday 3/20/11 I stood on the Green in Litchfield Connecticut with 30 other American citizens protesting the attack against Libya and all the wars the U.S has entered into and still is involved in during the last decade.We were all aware that we were under close surveillance by the State Police, and other agencies as we peacefully gathered and held signs denouncing the wrongful American military involvements. We proudly stood for peace and our constitutional rights of Freedom of Speech and Peaceful Assembly, while being closely watched and photographed by armed policemen sitting in their vehicles. But we continued our protest for several hours, remaining resistant and indifferent to the obvious police intimidation. On 3/20/03 the U.S attacked Iraq under the euphemistic name of Operation Enduring Freedom, on the same date eight years later the U.S launched another preemptive attack against Libya , euphemistically named “Odyssey Dawn” with little outrage by the American people. 100 courageous Americans were arrested when they refused to leave the gates of the White House during their protest on 3/19/11. None of this was mentioned by the network news sources. Nothing has been reported about these arrests since in the main stream media.

I am resolved to stand until I can no longer stand, then I will sit or lay or crawl to continue protesting the U.S involvement in these unjust wars. Those who do not are admitting their indifference. Those who do not are admitting their own guilt and ignorance. Those who do not protest their government’s involvement in the world wide massacre of their fellow human beings are guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Americans will be judged by the world for their crimes against humanity, and when they are, neither their powerful military or their own personal arsenal will be able to protect them from world justice.


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