Jan 19 2006

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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bush?


It occurred to me the other day as I was reading one of G.W’s latest incoherent rants, that he’s not even there. I mean this guy can’t put two sentences together. There is nobody home. If there is he’s certainly not where he’s supposed to be, inside his own head. I’ve never heard of or read about any American president who could not answer a direct question coherently. G.W tries to answer questions, and maybe he thinks he is answering questions, but few if any questioners or listeners understand what he’s saying.

The only times he speaks coherently is when he’s reading a speech that was prepared for him, unless he decides to edit it himself, and then it becomes more Bush babble. I have to laugh when I see Washington reporters trying to make sense out Bush’s reply to their questions. It is hard enough for them to ask the questions in a way that Bush will understand them. By this point in Bush’s administration no one expects anything of significance to come from Bush’s press conferences. No one expects anything to come out of the Master Evader’s press secretary either.

So what are Americans to do when the Big Bad Bush huffs and puffs and threatens to spy on them and blow the Constitution away or threatens to huff and puff and blow the congress and Supreme Court away? We impeach him. Yes all we have to do is Impeach the Son of Bitch then imprison him for high crimes and treason. But the American citizen is just like the little piggy that builds his house with straw and sticks and shakes his fist at the mighty blow hard and runs to the House of brick (their congress) but realizes too late, that they didn’t lock the back door and the big bad Bush and all his cronies were waiting for them. In the meantime while they were waiting they stole everything of value in the house and bribed off all the servants.

So the moral of this story is Americans should not be afraid of the big bad blow hard Bush but be afraid of themselves becoming the little piggies who forget to lock their back doors and built their houses out of straw and sticks.


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