Jul 30 2005

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Climbing the Tower of Babel


The latest phrase created by the linguists of the new world language of Bushism is: “struggle against extremism”. It is a wonderful catch all phrase that best depicts the legacy of G.W. Bush. According to the meaning of the new phrase, the United States and its allies are no longer at war against terror (which they have so obviously lost) but have now downsized their “war against terror” commitment to merely being “involved in a struggle?’ Have the men, women and children, who are being slaughtered daily in Iraq, become reduced to mere casualties of a struggle? Is G.W. Bush’s revising his legacy from a War President to just a “Struggling President”?. I thought all the countless victims of the Iraqis War were being slaughtered because they were enemies or casualties of war? The Bush Administration in its tremendous need to understate the uncontrollable explosion of deaths and mayhem in the unwinnable war against terror, has revised its official language, referring to the original meaning assigned to the ongoing slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people in an illegal, military occupation of a sovereign nation. G.W. Bush and his minions have finally reduced to a simple, politically expedient, expression, the horrid, meaningless suffering of the soldiers and civilians in Iraq to the status of “Casualties of a Struggle”?

I have recently read Umberto Eco’s book “Serendipities, Language and Lunacy” I highly recommend it to my readers. His thesis is based on the historical realities of language. The subtle or not so subtle changes of a word or phrase in a translation or deliberate revision can forever alter the original meaning of a sacred or historical document. Many innocent and deliberate errors were made in translations by scholars or readers when interpreting historical or sacred texts which obviously altered the effect of their perspectives of those documents. Historical revision has been commonly practiced by scholars and political leaders since the beginning of written language. Revisionism was most prevalent in oral histories during the many millennia of human existence prior to written records.

Is it really any wonder why the G.W Bush people are revising history regarding 911 and the Iraq war? The need by this administration to trivialize or erase all evidence of their conspiratorial roles in one of the greatest conspiracies and military blunders in world history, is essential to creating a favorable historical perspective of the G.W Bush Administration, and the future’s ultimate determination of their criminality and incompetence. As of this place and time in history, the year 2005, the Bush Administration appears as the greatest group of incompetents ever in or out of control of any government since the end of the Roman Empire. These men and women of the Bush Administration will be considered throughout the remainder of human history as more ruthless than Genghis Khan, more evil than Adolf Hitler and more hated and corrupt than Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden all put together.

The Bush-men and women’s’ “Struggle Against Extremism”, is destined to become the historical equivalent of the ultimate karma and literary irony. Future historians, novelists and playwrights will iconoclastically equate the G.W Bush Administration as History’s greatest example of extreme farce and tragedy. Future generations will scorn and mythologize the names of the vain and power- crazed Bush- men and women, immortalizing their characters as world arch villains depicted verbally revising the accounts of their most ruthless acts against humanity as the world watches G.W Bush and his minions stand naked and babbling before the court of eternal justice.


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