Jul 28 2005

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Bush’s Brain Under Scrutiny


We all know that G.W has a brain, low functioning as it is. What many people are not aware of is, that to make up for the low functioning medulla G.W has had tremendous help overcoming his handicap. Yes, the functioning part of G.W. Bush’s brain is totally operated by his senior White House advisor and long time friend Karl Rove.

Some of my worthy readers have possibly heard the term Bush’s Brain coined by writers James C. Moore and Wayne Slater, in their bestselling book “Bush’s Brain”. For the many readers who may not have heard the term used before, let me suggest that you buy this DVD to get a true understanding of why President G.W. Bush is where he is today, and how Karl Rove got him there. This film is a highly revealing and disturbing disclosure of how the U.S political system really works (or doesn’t work). How good politicians and good people have been destroyed by G.W and his closest advisor Karl Rove.

I was familiar with most of the tales of Rovian blood-letting rituals, used in the winning of Bush’s presidency and one term as Texas governor, but I was not aware before I viewed this documentary of the many great personal tragedies caused by Karl Rove’s ruthless “no holds barred” tactics. The movie and book Bush’s Brain, documents how Karl Rove used any means possible, to discredit and personally destroy his opponents. Libel, slanderous rumor, burglary, FBI cronies and wrongful incarcerations, are just a few of the fatal weapons of mass political destruction in Karl Rove’s arsenal.

Dirty tricks have been used in all elections in every country and ruthlessness is a common trait for successful people in business or government. I am not so naive as to believe otherwise. I am simply stating, that if a democratic government is supposed to be representative of the people it governs, then for it to survive it must represent the best of its people, the highest ideals, the highest good, the greatest leadership, or it will perish into a chaos of corruption and tyranny. That unfortunately is what has happened to the present U.S republic under the amoral leadership of G.W Bush and his puppet master Karl Rove. “Nature abhors a vacuum”, and the United States is risking the collapse of its entire political system every minute they allow Karl Rove to fill the gaping hole between G.W’s ears.

To receive a copy of the DVD of Bush’s Brain please go to : www.tartanvideousa.com and order a copy. It’s only $9.99. A great investment in the understanding of G.W. Bush’s brain,(or lack of one.)

L.A. Steel

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