Apr 25 2005

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A Near Nuclear Meltdown


On April 17, 2005 the Millstone nuclear power plant in Waterford, Connecticut had a near meltdown. On 4/19/2005 I interviewed on my radio program Atty. Nancy Burton the president of the Ct. Coalition Against Millstone. She and many other concerned citizens in the affected coastal area were in great part responsible for the complete closure of Millstone in 1996 to 2000.

Millstone was built in 1970 and has been operating under old permits for the last 8 years. I created a five part documentary in 2001 that focused on the many heroes and heroines involved in the long and bitter fight to close the Millstone power plant, which unfortunately reopened under a new company and the struggle of the community began again. All the residents who were elated by their victory were soon overwhelmed by the governmental and corporate deceptions and indifference that has claimed the lives of many more residents and took the life of a dear friend of mine and one of the staunchest activists against Millstone and the Nuclear industry in Connecticut.

I am not a nuclear scientist, nor do I live next to the Millstone Nuclear power plant, but I know many people who do live in this area. The thought of the safety of anyone in New England, is a complete absurdity if Millstone indeed became Chernobyl which it nearly did last weekend. The entire eastern seaboard of the U.S would be uninhabitable. The state of Connecticut would become a virtual wasteland because the effects of the radiation would be immediately felt throughout the small state. An impact map provided by the Ct. Coalition Against Millstone shown to me while I filmed the documentary, showed that the effective range of the radiation plume from a Chernobyl type accident at Millstone would reach out as far as Washington D.C approximately 600 miles in all directions from the location of Millstone.

A sick irony of all of this is that many of the people who would be most affected are some of the wealthiest people on the planet. The effect of a nuclear meltdown to the Long Island sound, New York City and the extremely wealthy Hamptons would have global consequences to the world industries and financial markets. Greenwich Ct., home to many of the world’s elite would be wiped out and the residents of the multimillion dollar mansions would be the first to feel the effects of radiation poisoning. The extreme vulnerability existing for these areas if exposed to a nuclear meltdown or accident at the Millstone power plant simply tells the world that it doesn’t take great intelligence to have great wealth. I pity the anti nuclear power activists who have taken the brunt of the curses and abuse by their neanderthalic nuclear neighbors, those who welcomed the Nuclear plant in their neighborhood and deny that their children and family members have died because of radioactive emissions and chemical pollution of the air and ground water around them, and refuse to see the devastation of fish and wildlife caused by the deadly emissions of Millstone.

I have met these courageous and concerned citizens who have fought alone for years to raise the awareness of there friends and neighbors of the horror that was imposed upon them and their community by the construction of Millstone Nuclear Power Plant. Thirty years and countless lives have been lost in Connecticut due to the pollution of the Millstone Plant. Illnesses up until now have gone unexplained, cancer clusters on certain streets in the coastal towns of Waterford and Niantic most directly affected by Millstone’s pollution, children and adults with tumors and horrid disfigurations and birth defects caused by radiation and chemical emissions from Millstone.

See the Monster for what it is. See this evil industry for what it is. See it for its death and destruction. See it for it’s lies and deceptions and the murder of innocent people. See it for the greedy godless monster it really is. Millstone Nuclear Power Plant was owned by North East Utilities and is now owned by Dominion. Dominion is the new deliverer of death and destruction. They poison our air and oceans, and all is allowed by the corrupt cowards and cronies of Connecticut’s former criminal Governor (now imprisoned) John Rowland. His appointments to the Dept. of Public Utilities are still doing his filthy work. Rowland’s appointed henchmen and women cruelly allow innocent children to swim in these polluted waters without allowing the posting of signs as warnings or allow the monitoring of pollutant levels in the nearby beaches and the direct emissions from the power plant. Many of these beaches should be closed due to their vast contamination and yet these murderous Rowland appointees allow the residents to swim and play on these beaches within 8000 ft of the nuclear power plant without posting the hazards. What are these appointed whores receiving in gratuity to allow the demons at Dominion to continue in their murderous contempt of the people of New England? The Nuclear industry the DPUC and the Nuclear Regulatory Agency and the U.S Congress and all the elected representatives in New England for the last thirty years must be condemned as complicit murderers, thieves and minions of the demonic entity that is the Nuclear Industry.

Last week’s accident at the Millstone Power Plant was a wakeup call to all who have slept unknowingly the last thirty years and have allowed the Nuclear Industry to grab hold of shorelines and pristine waterways and oceans. This industry has created an eternal toxin that man cannot combat and barely can contain. Radioactive waste has an active half life of 25,000 years. The invasion of this evil industry has happened through our own stupidity by trusting the villainous murderers and believing their lies of clean and cheap energy and the lies of the greedy criminals who work within the nuclear industry and who knew the potential and inevitable dangers now realized by the deceived community. Employees of the Nuclear Industry then and now are employed only to contaminate the world with nuclear waste, nuclear accidents and nuclear weaponry. This is a demonic industry, headed by soul less beings that could not be human. They can only be an alien species that can willingly endanger its own existence and the existence of all other species on this planet, for the imagined promise of a fool’s prosperity. A lie told to deceive the groveling greedy few, who sell their souls into eternal slavery for a worthless currency, a chemically contaminated plot of land, a poisoned drinking well, a deformed child, a cancer ridden community, a ruined eco system, a polluted ocean and finally a pitiful and painful death. This is the legacy of the Nuclear Industry. This is the delirious rationalization of the supporters of Nuclear energy. Millstone must be closed forever and the people of coastal Connecticut and New England must be freed from their long tortured captivity by this terrifying demon of pending nuclear destruction, DOMINION AND THE MILLSTONE NUCLEAR POWER PLANT. For more information on Millstone please go to www. Mothballmillstone.org. the official site of the Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone.

L.A. Steel

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