Feb 28 2012

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Seeing You


With all the recent privacy fears from Google and government and other invaders of our privacy, I say “Damn them all.” I’ve always tried to conduct my public life genuinely. What I’ve said on this site and on my radio and television programs are out there for everyone to see and hear. My personal life is much like my public life, I try not to hide anything, but we all have natural rights to privacy that should not be violated and everyone should have the common sense not to put anything on the internet that they don’t want anyone to know,like SS numbers,bank account numbers,or anything too weird.

I believe it was Lao Tsu who said when questioned by one of his followers about how to trust people who have something to hide or may be lying. The great sage answered, “How can a man hide? How can he hide?” I always thought that was a great answer, because it really is impossible for anyone to hide their true selves for very long. If you are a closet drunk or addict eventually someone will notice or suspect. If you are a thief sooner or later you will be caught or others will notice and reject you personally or professionally.If you are genuine with everyone, then there is no reason to hide who you really are, because most people can tell immediately if they trust you, or if they like you or if they are completely repelled by you. No matter how genuine you are there will be people who love or hate you.

Someone wise once said, We are what we attract. If we are deceptive,violent or immoral then we attract deceit, violence and immorality into our lives. Whenever I’ve tried to conceal something from someone, I often felt guilt or shame or nervousness when I’m around them. Sooner or later in some careless moment or some unforeseen incident my deception is revealed. Pathological liars don’t remember who they lied to or what the lie was and get caught in a lie by making an even greater lie to cover up for the orignial lie. Deception is a vicious cycle that only leads to destruction. Some people may thive for a while by deception, but eventually Karma brings justice. (Remember Richard Nixon and Bernie Maddoff.)

So many political and professional careers have been ruined by the truth being found out about a politician’s corruption or blatant hypocrisy and idiocy or a celebrity’s drug addiction, or abusive behavior to their friends,family or fans. The most respected politicians and celebrities are those who have admitted their own shortcomings to the public, and move on from there. Most people will accept or reject the humanity in these leaders and celebrities and either reject them or sympathize with them and admire them more for having conquered their demons. Most people admire other people who have conquered great obstacles or are humble in their confessions of guilt, but resolved in their desire to be better. Isn’t humanity’s greatest gift Human redemption? We so often forget this as we go through our daily lives. We are lied to and decieved constantly by the Main Stream Media,corporate and government officials , friends and relatives, our spouses and children. But we know when we are being deceived, unless we choose to live in complete denial,(which so many people do.)

Examples of living in denial: Being a member of any political party anywhere. Being mentally or physically abused. Being a member of any religion. Being Obese. Being anorexic. Being a dishonest salesman. Being a dishonest politician. Being a dishonest person. Being Rich. Being Poor. Being Middleclass. This partial list of great deniers accounts for 90% of the world population.

I believe there are less than 10% of the world’s population who are not deniers. These people see the world for what it is, and themselves for who they really are. They know and understand that it is foolish to try and hide behind the masks of deceit,arrogance,insincerity, or ignorance. Sooner or later the mask must come off when we go home and see ourselves in the mirror and wash off the makeup or dirt from the day and see the blemishes and scars of our true complexion. We can not hide from ourselves or from others for too long. The ghosts of our past,present and future, haunt us as karmic furies,until we admit the truth to ourselves and others of who we really are.

L.A. Steel

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