Jan 01 2021

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It’s all over for the American Presidential Ass Donald J Trump. Good Bye and do not fair well. The world can soon rejoice when Trump’s Presidential Ass is finally out of the White House and away from the American government, with the exception of him being eternally in state and federal courts throughout the country and the world with Rudy Guiliani defending  Trump against charges of fraud, treason, rape, sexual assault, money laundering, tax fraud, and as an international criminal wanted by the UN Court, and Guiliani defending himself against disbarment and international crimes. It is hysterical to look at the few options Trump and his family have to stay out of jail with their incompetent lawyers and advisers and not be completely bankrupted, condemned, and wanted for crimes by the entire world, and eventually be imprisoned for life, executed,  or assassinated.

“Be Best” Donald J Trump the world is anxiously awaiting your flaming crash and your name on buildings around the world buried in the rubble of their demolitions.











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