Oct 06 2020

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Devoted followers of Donald Trump are martyring themselves for their leader. They are his faithful like all cult followers who followed Jim Jones, Adolf Hitler, and Charles Manson all agents of Satan in his genocide of mankind. All Trump’s faithful fanatics hide behind their torn coats of Christianity The fornicating Falwells and the imbeciles of the far-right have given up all rational thought and submitted their lives and the lives of their children on the FAKE FANTASY of Donald Trump’s promises, clothed in hate, lies, and violence. Trump’s fake love for his followers is to deceive them into believing he cares for them when all he cares about is himself and his reelection.

I feel very sorry for Donald Trump’s disciples and followers for their fate will be the same as all cult followers who believe in a false god. Their leader will betray them, and poison their Kool-Aide as he now poisons all around him with COVID. I fear for friends and neighbors who have fallen under Trump’s spells of hatred, entitlement, greed, racism, and narcissism and risk their lives and others by refusing to wear masks in public places or shout insane defenses for Trump’s actions while waving in mass unsocial distancing crowds the American Flag of hatred and insanity, instead of pride, patriotism, and honor.

I fear the end is very near for all Trump followers as he leads them over the cliff of COVID 19 while cursing at all who abide by Government safety rules and health concern for themselves and others.  The martyrdom of Trump’s disciples and followers will be an implosive drive of millions to suicide and depression, loss of any future vision but hate, death violence, and despair is their martyrdom to a false god, who once promised them the fulfillment of all their ungodly desires.

L.A. Steel



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