Sep 30 2020

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After watching 10 minutes of last night’s presidential debate, I gave up expecting anything of value to come from the bullshit gaging, moronic statements of Donald Trump, and turned off the television. I have never been so disgusted by a politician as I am by Trump and his hate-filled desperate lies and vengeful blatant insults he hurled against Joe Biden. This blatant and pathetic attempt by Trump to harass and insult Biden proved how fearful of Biden he really is and how wretchedly desperate and moronic Trump appears to hundreds of millions perhaps billions of people around the world who viewed the debate, proving that Trump is a wretched, lying, desperate despot holding on to power any way he can. Any Trump-supporting white supremacist and Christian cult follower loved Trump’s debate performance last night because they are the same insulting moron lovers who get sexually turned on when Trump pulls down his pants and waves his wilted penis at his opponents on stage. Trump is a disgusting., wretched, orange-faced, lying, desperate loser, who knows once he’s  lost the election he and his family members will be indicted on hundreds of counts of fraud, tax evasion, corruption, treason, bankruptcy, and 25 outstanding lawsuits against him for sexual assault, and any accusation against him for having underage sex made by Jeff Epstein’s partner in crime Giselle Maxwell,

Joe Biden has nothing to worry about after last night’s unhinged insanity exposed by Trump. The unfit for office, screaming, moronic, idiot, has fallen off the political shitpile he has been building for himself the last 4 years as president, and last night he dived headfirst into it. No one but hate-filled, white supremacists, neo-nazis, and paid off conscienceless Black spokesmen and women for Trump could possibly come away with any respect for Trump after last night’s debacle of a debate.



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