May 23 2020

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New Featured Writer Ilene Proctor’s Article “On President Dog Whistle And His Manifesto Destiny: Complicit To The Core

pepe dark and red
By Ilene Proctor
Trump is a master at speaking in codes. Certainly not Code Pink but codes
that Nazis, white supremacists, Ku Klux Klaners anxiously await.  Words are
his not-so-secret weapons for his fascist followers, but  his words can be
weapons of woe for others,  His words are weapons that open up the
floodgates of hell for all of us non Trumpers.
Trump’s hateful rhetoric and threats of violence are not just political
“oral-gami”. These are planned and folded words that have all too real
consequences in the real world. Because of his words. a series of explosive
devices have been delivered to prominent liberals and Trump critics,
including George Soros, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, former CIA
director John Brennan, CNN, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and Rep.
Maxine Waters, D-Calif. That list is incomplete. Because of his words his
rallies have become gladiator arenas of fear for journalists. Because of his
words Jews were massacred in Pittsburgh.  Because of his words, every
Mexican, Muslim, Jewish, and black mother fears for their child’s safety.
Because of his words, predominantly black nations such as Haiti and Nigeria
are nicknamed shitholes by the haters.
Because of his actions, the people of Puerto Rico were abandoned after the
devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, implying that they were lazy and did
not deserve humanitarian aid.
uerto-rico-death-toll-at-5-000-from-hurricane-maria-in-2017> At least 5,000
people died.
From the bowels of his White House toilet, he has twitted neo-Nazi talking
points and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. He has twitted condemnation
against the Black Lives Matter movement and has said that African-American
athletes who exercise their constitutionally protected freedom of protest
are traitors who should be kicked out of the United States.
Trump regurgitated that the neo-Nazis and white supremacists who rioted in
Charlottesville, Virginia, included “very fine people.” He sought to ban
Muslims from entering the United States and pursued a policy of separating
black and brown children from their families and placing them in
concentration camps. He has suggested that Latino immigrants are a natural
criminal class who come to America with the express goal of raping and
killing white people. Trump was and remains one of the leading voices for
the “birther”  conspiracy theory alleging that Barack Obama was not born in
the U.S. and may be a secret Muslim
Donald Trump is unapologetic and enthusiastic in his embrace of hateful
and divisive language. It is ludicrous for him to now pretend he bears no
responsibility for these apparent attacks — although of course, he does
exactly that.  But it is clear that the kind of violent and dehumanizing
language that is the hallmark of Trump’s political style is likely to
increase the number of such crimes.
Each week of his presidency soils each and every American. Trump mocks
the presidency as he calls his alleged former mistress Stormy Daniels
“horse face,” degrades  women who have survived rape and other forms of
sexual assault as “screamers,” habitually lies about matters both small and
large undermines the rule of law, shows contempt for democracy, treats the
White House as his own personal ATM and wallows in racism, prejudice and
If Ted Bundy were alive today, he might very much use this especially
gruesome contemporary twist  as did the New Zealand zealot stream parts of
the terror attack live on Facebook. Although that feed and other accounts
apparently associated with the shooter have been taken down, the New York
Times reports that both the 17-minute video and a manifesto apparently
posted by the shooter have been widely disseminated on social media.
That New Zealand killer posted his hate-filled manifesto online before the
attack. A Trump Devotee, he  wrote that he had donated money to American
white supremacist organizations, and his online manifesto praises Trump as
“a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.”
It is commonly known by the denizens of the dark that Donald Trump is
considered a hero by white supremacists and neo-Nazis. The official Ku Klux
Klan and David Duke newspaper endorsed Trump for president in 2016. And the
Nazi-filled Daily Stormer refers to Trump as “our leader”.
Trump’s closest advisers have included people with apparent sympathy for
white nationalism and the “alt-right,”  and QAnon conspirators including
current White House adviser Stephen Miller and former White House strategist
and campaign chair Steve Bannon, along with former advisers Michael Anton
and Sebastian Gorka.
Ultimately, there are so many examples of Donald Trump’s racism and
bigotry there almost isn’t enough paper or ink to list the offenses of his
hellish presidency.
To the victims, the soiled president wrote, “My warmest sympathy and best
wishes go out to the people of New Zealand after the horrible massacre in
the Mosques.”
My Best wishes are for his rapid impeachment and an end to his presidency
and the universal stink he has created around the American Presidency
And one final thought: If Trump were the president during WW!!, we’d all be
Heiling Hitler and  speaking German today


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