Apr 06 2020

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gale 2

Gale Courey Toensing was a fearless journalist and outspoken Palestinian Activist. Gale was a friend of Leila’s and mine for many years and lived in the same community. Her birthday was on April 7th. The still photographs of Gale were taken in June 2009 at a bon voyage reception for Gale ad her friends about to board the Flotila To Gaza . The Flotila’s crew and passengers were stranded in Greece and sabotaged by the Israelis. It was stopped by the Greek government by Israeiis pressure, to sail to GAZA.

Gale passed away after a long fight with Parkinson’s Disease in 2017. This program is a permanent tribute to Gale on my youtube.com channel The L.A.Steel Show. This program was filmed in 2006 in two parts, part one is Leila’s televised interview with Gale shortly after Gale returned from her trip to Palestine. There she covered a story about the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians with documented video and photographic evidence of the destruction of Nablus Palestine and genocide of the Palestinian people.  The first interview is about the destruction of Nablus and the Hall of Records building by the Israelis to destroy all evidence and record of Palestinian family histories and land ownership so Israel could confiscate their land without anyone being able to claim the legal title.

Part Two of this program is my interview with Mazin Qumseyuh a former Duke University Geneticist and scholar and a highly active Palestinian Activist, He currently lives in Palestine and fights the great fight for Palestinian rights and freedom.

This video was  originally filmed and broadcasted on VCR tape 14 years ago and converted to digital in 2017 has some fading of graphics,




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