Dec 02 2019

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Republicans have never been so offensive and repugnant to so many Americans since they nominated Trump in 2016. Since then they have done nothing but destroy every ethical standard in America, to the repulsion and reprehension of every democracy loving patriotic, Constitutional protecting American.  Trump, McConnell, Nunes, Jordon, Meadows and Graham and every other sycophant Republican in the House and Senate are systemically destroying the separation of powers provided to the American people in the U.S Constitution of which every member of Congress and the White House have taken an oath to protect and defend.

The Impeachment proceedings in the House Judiciary Committee this week will bring in some of the most prominent academic experts to present to the American Public what Impeachment means, why it is being undertaken by the majority in the House of Representative against Donald Trump the Republican nominated and elected President. Donald Trump has violated his Oath of Office and betrayed the American people, jeopardizing National Security by bribing a president of a foreign country, overtly corrupting justice by defying lawful Congressional Subpoenas for presidential aides and cabinet members to testify before the House Intelligence and Judiciary Impeachment Committees.

Either Republicans are all invertebrates who prefer to crawl on their stomachs before Trump’s wastage image of presidential status, or they get up off the ground before they kiss Trump’s foot and damn Trump to his face for the criminal and megalomaniacal madman that he is. Republicans can make right all they made wrong under their slithering submission to Donald Trump the” King of Treason and Corruption.” Republicans can reclaim some of the dignity and respect they once had as members of a party of American principles not the party of Russian paid off lying lackeys, groveling to the insane commands of a Russian owned madman.




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