Nov 07 2019

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I Am inspired by the American Patriotism and courage of the many men and women who have come forward to testify truthfully to Congress and the American people regarding the Quid Pro Quo of Trump’s extortion of the President of Ukraine. During my lifetime I have witnessed many courageous men and women in civil service and military who gave their all in the loyal service of the American people. My father was an Immigration Director and served in the Immigration Service for 30 years and in WWII. I understood the patriotism and pride of country my father had and bestowed upon his children. He was a man of honesty and integrity.

The 1972 Presidential election was a trial of the nation similar to the 2016 elections. The Democrats chose Senator George McGovern to challenge the incumbent Republican President Richard Nixon. Nixon won his second term by a landslide vote of 60%. Two years later he was Impeached for Watergate and resigned his office in disgrace. My father had proudly donated to the George McGovern campaign and framed his canceled check on his work office wall for several years after Nixon resigned.

In 1972 the Antiwar Movement was in full roar by millions of protestors marching in Washington D.C who intended to end the Vietnam War, where our friends and classmates died or became insane and suicidal caused by the horrors they witnessed.in the war.  I escaped the Draft by a deferment granted because my birthday came up 350 out of 365 in the Military Lottery, Those who were Drafted were chosen by a lottery. They only chose 150 birthdays that year. Patriotism is not blindly following Presidential Orders. Patriotism is recognizing a threat to our country and ourselves and defeating that threat, even if it is our own President and Congress. Patriotism and the desire to be free from tyranny is what inspired the creation of the American Revolution, the Constitution, and the United States, which all Civil Servants must swear an oath of allegiance to.

The American People in the next few weeks will witness the televised hearings of these patriotic civil servants, former military leaders and former and current ambassadors stating the overwhelming truth before Congress that proves Trump should be impeached and removed from office. He has violated his oath to defend the Constitution, and endangered American National Security by his abuse of power, extorting the President of Ukraine by withholding $400 million dollars of Congressionally approved military aid to combat the Russians invading their northern border.

Donald Trump has repeatedly broken laws and his oath of office, violating the honor and trust granted to him by the American People who elected him to the Presidency. American Patriots will see Trump’s treason, remove him from office, and curse his name forever.


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