Sep 24 2019

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Death Skies Over North Western Connecticut 2015 Photo Series

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The Death Sky Photograph Series was inspired by the horrendous chemtrailing I personally witnessed and documented in the sky over the North West Corner of Connecticut on 11/15/2015.  The entire series of 25 photographs are featured on the artandphotographyoflasteel.lasteelshow, org website.

My first exposure to Chemtrails was in 2002 when I noticed the skies over my home were being sprayed with some pluming agent by crazy pilots flying cris -crossing patterns in the sky, which soon blocked out the blue sky with a white artificial cloud cover. Several of my friends noticed the same thing and we investigated what it could be. What we discovered was an international agreement that allowed the spraying of the  global skies with Chemicals, on the false reason of creating global dimming to offset the level of heat from the sun and to deprive the world population of vitamin D and to effect the harvests of vital food crops worldwide, causing famine, wars and ecological devastation of natural resources through the contamination of water and the ground by aluminum and barium particles that fall to the ground.

There is an international group of activists, who are trying to bring awareness to the world about the deadly dangers of Chemtrailing, and how a global effort by the United Nations and other world bodies have deliberately caused global warming by manipulating the weather patterns around the world, and creating a plasmic atmosphere  to allow HHARP scientists to manipulate the world’s atmosphere and use it as a weapon against its own population and countries around the planet.

Chemtrails are listed as a bioweapon, that has been used since the first world war to change weather patterns by cloud seeding and to contaminate enemy populations by aerosol weapons released in the sky with pathogens and diseases, gases and poisons. The increase in Alzheimer’s’, Parkinson’s,  and other immunodeficiency diseases around the world have been attributed to the intake of aluminum in our bodies. The greatest source of aluminum ingested by the human body is from the aluminum oxide particles sprayed in all chemtrails since 1998, the beginning of Global Dimming by a patented process of aluminum oxide and barium salt, that when sprayed into the atmosphere creates a sunscreen of reflective aluminum particles, that cause less sunlight to penetrate the artificial cloud cover.

This process of global dimming is a worldwide genocide. One of the most prevalent causes of illness in the United States is the lack of vitamin D, which is primarily provided by sunlight. Chemtrails are a covert government and globally sponsored genocide for the reduction of the rapidly growing global population predicted to double by 2050.  I refer my readers to an alarming U.S Government Report entitled The Global 2000 Report available on Google Search.

Many people have complained and petitioned to the U.S Government and health agencies worldwide to stop all chemtrails, but it still continues and has actually increased. The Death Sky photograph series represents the skies directly over the towns and areas within the North West Corner of the state of Connecticut. These artificial cloud covers are seen everywhere in the United States and Europe and are causing death and disease throughout the globe, to decrease the global population.

L.A. Steel

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