Sep 01 2019

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Owning a gun in the U.S is not a crime nor should it be, but allowing anyone of any age to buy a gun or use a gun is insane. Children as young as five years old have fatally shot themselves or someone else because their idiot parents left a loaded gun unlocked and available to the child. Murder-suicide rates are soaring in the U.S. Depression and despair, and Trump’s outrageous hatred and contempt for immigrants and white supremacy insanity are driving Americans to shoot themselves, their family members and mass shootings of immigrants and minorities in shopping malls, schools, and stadiums.

Gun ownership in America is at an all-time high, and adequate gun laws are completely missing. Men, women, and children are able to buy assault rifles and large magazine semi-automatic pistols online or at gun shows, with little or no identification or any background checks. The National Rifle Association is the greatest culprit and criminal entity in the country. They and their members are lobbying Congress and the President with millions of dollars in donations to refuse gun control legislation or abolish weapons of war being sold to the public.

The Second Amendment gave the right to Americans to bear arms for militias to protect themselves during the 18th century American Revolution and dangers of the unknown frontiers, not to allow individuals to own weapons of war and mass murder in the 20th and 21st centuries. Our founding fathers certainly had the common sense and wisdom to believe the Second Amendment could be amended according to changing times and technology of advanced weaponry.

Unless gun laws are made and restrict the availability of weapons of war and mass murder to the general public, the United States will become a battleground for every insane gun owner and every domestic terrorist against law-abiding citizens and law enforcement.


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