Jul 13 2019

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Not a day has gone by in the last few months when someone picks a fight with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Trump recently sent out a Tweet stating “AOC should respect Pelosi.” What a fucking joke. Trump has called Pelosi every choice name he could think of and has stated publicly he has absolutely no respect for Nancy Pelosi, yet he tells AOC publicly to respect her. Pelosi is not AOC’s mother, Pelosi is AOC’s and every Progressive in the country’s nemesis. Pelosi represents every compromise of moral integrity in our dysfunctional government. AOC represents everything good, intelligent, possible and humanitarian in American Society.

My respect for AOC is seen throughout this website and writings, she and her close allies in the Progressive Caucus are making the lame Democrat Party look bad and look closely at itself and Democratic voters look closely at their representatives. AOC will become Speaker of the House in 2020 when Progressives sweep the House, Senate, and Presidency. AOC will win the Presidency in 2028, Nancy Pelosi will be retired, powerless and toothless, in her 80s and kicked out of politics by her own Progressive constituents in San Francisco.

My only criticism of AOC is she must put a leash and muzzle on her Chief of Staff. His attacks and obvious ignorance of politics reflect the same attitude and intellect as  Republican opponents. AOC’s Chief of Staff should keep his anger and ignorance to himself or be replaced.  Alexandria was elected by her constituents and is respected by her followers because of her amazing devotion to them and her remarkable intelligence, not because of her unpronounceable Chief of Staff.



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