Jun 27 2019

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The great farce of the Democrat Debate last night was seen by no one except a few suffering libtards devoted to MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow and other low rated babbling commentators. The Democratic Party would not allow any other news networks to broadcast last night’s Democratic Free For all. Fox, CNN, and even CSPAN were not allowed live coverage of the debate. This is more stupid than the Debate coverage in 2016 when only Cable News outlets were allowed to cover the Republican and Democrat debates. Anyone who didn’t have cable or didn’t have higher tier cable could not watch the Democrat or Republican debates live. This discrimination of the most important democratic election events by the media must be against the constitutional rights of Americans.

I predict that Democrats will lose in 2020 from complete and utter stupidity unless they wake up and rid themselves of the idiot and idiots running the party and the Democratic National Committee. Imagine a political party so completely inept that they have allowed the Republican Party and its Neanderthal president to block all congressional subpoenas and run rampant over all laws and the Constitution. If the Democrats don’t get a backbone, fire their current Idiots running the DNC, then they have no future. There has never been a political party in the U.S so inept as the Democrat Party. After their 2018 victories, they are doing everything in their power to lose the 2020 elections to Trump and Republican tyranny. As a lifetime INDEPENDENT VOTER, I have never seen the Democrats so inept and completely stupid as this party now in the Majority of the House of Representatives.

Unless they Impeach Trump and fire their entire DNC staff they will lose the House, Senate, and Presidency because they are proving they cannot stand up to or even comprehend the most basic lessons of American power and politics.

Lesson #1. Don’t fuck with the American People!!!

Lesson # 2. Don’t run imbeciles for any office especially the presidency.

Lesson # 3. Keep all drooling idiots away from any position in the DNC.

Lesson # 4. Broadcast all debates on all networks to make it the most accessible

to all Americans.

As a lifetime voter, I am near the point of never voting for political office again. As an honest observer of American politics, never have I skipped a presidential or midterm election. I believed there was a choice, but now I can see there is little choice left for any American if the Democrat Party destroys itself against the most arrogant, idiotic, corrupt opposition party in history. It can only mean that Democrats are even more stupid and inept than Republicans.

A move to Canada is a real option for many politically disgusted Americans, who pay the highest prices for their medications in the world, in a country whose health system is rated 12th amongst all developed countries with a homeless population in the tens of millions, and rated by the UN as having some of the poorest conditions in several states equaling third world countries. Republicans and Trump will never mention these facts in their speeches, and Democrats barely mention them at all. They believe their constituents and most of the American people are too stupid to know the difference between a well-governed country and a third world nightmare, which the United States under its two-party political system has created, a madhouse of corruption, contempt and brazen ignorance.


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