Jun 03 2019

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l laugh whenever I hear some elderly Trump Lover get angry at Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Supposedly two elderly Veterans walked out of AOC’s community meeting and stated to a reporter that they  “couldn’t stand her BS” about Trump being an autocrat and whatever other truisms she stated. These old Vets would never listen for long to anyone like AOC who speaks truth to power, especially if the speaker is under 70 years old. These two veterans supported all wars and fought in Vietnam, and one of them served on the NYPD for 40 years in Homicide. He’s probably not the kind of guy who listens to anyone and is ready to accuse everyone of lying, even if he has no idea of the truth or what the word “autocrat” means. If he loves Trump and the way the government and military are being run by complete incompetence, then it was a good thing for all who attended the meeting that these two left.

Two over 70-year-old veterans remaining loyal to Trump and loving a draft dodging, wealth entitled, bone spurred buffoon as President shouldn’t surprise anyone, and no one in the media or America should care at all what they say, especially about AOC the most dynamic political figure in modern times.  Trump is what he is and no one who isn’t blind, deaf, and dumb, can deny Trump is an autocrat who thinks he’s above the law of the land and is destroying the United States nationally and internationally.


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