May 23 2019

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The noxious, foul smell circulating throughout the U.S Capitol and White House is the putrid smell of desperate Republicans and their President bathing in their cesspools of lies and deception covering up their crimes of conspiracy with Russian oligarchs and Russian primed political pacs that make up the majority of financial backers of the Republican Party. Republican desperation is so apparent within the arguments Republicans make in defense of their own corruption and that of Donald Trump. They accuse everyone but themselves and talk over all interviewers and reporters without answering their questions.

Mueller’s reluctance to appear before the Judiciary Committee can only be because of his loyalty to the Republican Party and his own fear of history marking him forever the government “fixer” for 911 and for the non-indictment of Trump. He is no “hero” he is another corrupt Republican paid by the American Taxpayer by the Senate Judiciary Committee to cover up the worst political crimes in U.S History both created by Republican presidents and conspirators in the Congress.

There can be no other logical reason for McGahn not to show up for his subpoenaed hearing before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday other than his Republican political loyalty and the tremendous pressure by desperate Republicans in the House, Senate, and Presidency to cover up their crimes. The appearance of McGahn as an honorable presidential council appears to be a smokescreen of his supposedly courageous cooperation with the investigation created by Mueller in his redacted report of his findings. There is no integrity or honor in Don McGahn’s blatant refusal to honor a Congressional Subpoena for questioning him on the issues he already stated to Mueller’s investigators and reported in the Mueller Report. It was recently reported that Don McGahn’s Law Firm was paid $2.000,000 dollars by the Republican National Committee.

It is obvious to everyone many members of the media, the House, Senate, and White House did not read the Mueller Report. Those who did as I did, are demanding the impeachment of Trump. Those who did not are lying to everyone that there was “no collusion and no obstruction of justice” based solely on Bill Barr’s four-page summary of the 448 page Mueller Report which most have not read.

Even the first redacted Mueller Report showed all who read it how Trump and his aides conspired with Russia during and after the 2016 election. There could be no question of the conspiracy after 13 indictments of Russian Spies and 37 total indictments against Trump’s campaign manager, personal attorney Michael Cohen, and many other cabinet members and close aides of Trump. Anything less than filing Contempt of Congress and the pursuit of fines and imprisonment for all who ignore Congressional Subpoenas will only be laughable and contemptuous fodder for comedians and Late Night talk show hosts.

Unless Mueller and McGahn appear within the next few weeks before Congressional Committees as ordered by issued subpoenas, then the only choice Americans have left to believe is that the entire Mueller Report was never to be released unredacted, and Mueller and McGahn never intended to testify before Congress. A conspiracy between Russia and Trump and the Republicans have undermined the U.S elections and have taken control through bribery of Congress, the President, and the Justice system. Either Americans conclude this episode in their history as another conspiracy theory as they did to the 911 investigation and coverup or Americans refuse to accept the obvious lies and deceptions they are forced to¬† hear daily by Trump’s lame lawyers and reeking desperate¬† Republicans sweating in front of the cameras as they lie to the American people and the media who do not believe anything they say.






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