May 21 2019

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mcghan and mueller picture 2019



I can not understand the reluctance of Don McGahn and Robert Mueller to testify before the congressional committees. My only assumption is that they are both covering up the major conspiracy of Trump’s treason and obstruction of justice, as well as other crimes, possibly their own. Someone or something other than Trump has a highly vested interest in the outcome of the Mueller Investigation and I believe it is the Russian government and the conspirators in the Republican Party, as well and the legally embroiled NRA and a consortium of American and Russian billionaires deeply invested in the Trump presidency.  Unless Mueller and McGahn are complicit and deeply involved with the coverup, (as Mueller was in the 911 coverup when he was FBI Director). there is no reason for either of them not to publicly testify. Americans have the right to hear from Mueller and McGahn, and no criminal president or criminal Attorney General can deny the American Congress the right to investigate their crimes and bring these men before the public in a hearing.

As an observer of American politics for many years, only Richard Nixon has ever flaunted Executive Privilege to hide his taxes and crimes from Congress and the American people. Few Americans and members of Congress, the Media, and White House officials remember that Richard Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell was convicted of Obstruction of Justice and Contempt of Congress, was arrested and served a three-year sentence in prison.

“On February 21, 1975, Mitchell, who was represented by the criminal defense attorney William G. Hundley, was found guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and perjury and sentenced to two and a half to eight years in prison for his role in the Watergate break-in and cover-up, which he dubbed the “White House ..” Source: Wikipedia

My fear is the same as most Americans who have seen Trump’s obvious treason and corruption or have read completely the Mueller Report’s description of absolute deception by their president, his family, and his Cabinet members as well as the entire Republican Party. Also the lukewarm Democratic response to Trump’s crimes and impeachment. This lack of concern and oversite cannot continue any longer before the American Citizens who truly take part in the elections and American political process demand of their Republican and Democrat politicians, to be honest, and honorable and stop covering up their crimes and the crimes and treason of the Trump administration and his sycophant White House aides.

Unless the Congressional public hearings of Mueller and McGahn happen soon, the only alternative the American people have is to revolt, demonstrate, and millions demand that their politicians vote for impeachment or there will be a revolution to take back our government and restore the Rights and Justice demanded by Americans under the U.S Constitution. If the House of Representatives held today by a Democrat Majority do not use their Constitutional Power to file Congressional Contempt against Trump and all of his Cabinet members, and Mueller and McGhan, then they are worthless traitors, sold out to Russian and U.S corporate donors, and must be thrown out of office. The mealy-mouthed corporate media investigates Trump and his cronies but disregard mentioning the precedents set by the courts and Congress during the Nixon Impeachment trials and Nixon’s resignation once his Attorney General went to prison for Obstruction of Justice.



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