Nov 21 2018

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Pompeo’s pomposity is on display again. He said in a press conference to defend the brutal murder of Washington Post’s journalist Khashoggi “It is a mean and nasty world out there” while defending Trump’s stance on not blaming Saudi’s murderous prince for killing Khashoggi because “we need Saudi business”( and they personally bailed out Trump twice from bankruptcy.) There are no men of honor or integrity in the Trump cabinet or administration. Trump has created a world farce of the office of the President by his outrageous incompetence and by appointing the most incompetent Cabinet in history.

Trump’s ignoring the brutal murder of a journalist given asylum by the United States, for the sake of saving Saudi’s Prince MBS from being dethroned and declared an international criminal, is a green light for any and all dictators to kill American and any other countries’ journalists without retribution. Trump has declared war on all journalists and news media. Even his beloved Fox News has condemned him for stripping CNN Acosta’s White House credentials, and for Trump’s forgiving the Saudi prince for the murder of Khashoggi.

Trump is a farce of international criminal proportions. Never in my life has there been such an obviously corrupt and incompetent elected official in the office of the President, nor has there been such a corrupt and traitorous Senate and Congress that have supported such a corrupt and incompetent president. I plead with Robert Mueller and the new Democratic Congress to impeach and indict and destroy Donald Trump and his entire family and international criminal enterprise.



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