Jul 30 2018

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34463138_10155505848451517_6932963477950562304_nWithin the next 30 days, I believe Robert Mueller’s investigation will issue its first indictments against Donald Trump. Now that Michael Cohen is cooperating with Mueller there is no longer any way Trump can escape. Michael Cohen was Trump’s “Fixer”  now his main nemesis who could bring down the Trump empire, family, and presidency.  Trump’s current attorney Rudy Gulliani is a complete and utter idiot, desperately, contradicting himself by publicly condoning and condemning the characters of Michael Cohen and any and all individuals so far indicted or convicted from the 2016 Trump Campaign.

The recent flurry of Tweet attacks by Trump against Mueller and the News Media shows his “unstable genius”  indicting himself, and looking like a complete imbecile attacking Mueller and Rosenstein, as well as dozens of FBI agents involved with the investigation of Trump and his family, friends and fellow felons. The Republican Congressional Crooks aiding in Trump’s defense and distractions are frightened to death at their being implicated by Mueller’s investigation into Russian Financing of the RNC and individual Senators and Congressmen. Thirty-one Republican Congressmen have declared that they are not seeking reelection, including Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Trump is a famous cheat, liar, racist, criminal, and a heartless human whose cruelty and stupidity have caused harm to millions of Americans through cuts to Medicare and Medicaid and butchering Obamacare, and ignoring his own followers by giving giant tax cuts to his billionaire cronies. He is murdering and destroying the lives of countless people around the world, through secret bombings and genocide supported by the Trump administration. America has lost respect from its NATO allies and world trading partners, due to Trump’s foolish arrogance and insults and his brainless, ill-considered tariffs and continued  Twitter announcements of his impulsive, explosive actions and irrational. behavior exposing his demented mental fitness for office. All of this is mounting evidence for Mueller. Also implicated is the Trump Charity, indicted by the New York Atty General for fraud which implicates Trump and his entire family. With all the evidence and the indictments and convictions of Russian spies, and Trump campaign officials is proof of Russian collusion in Trump’s election. Also, Trump’s billion dollar money laundering schemes with the Russians. All is known by Mueller. There can be little doubt that Mueller has run down and will soon run over Trump.  Mueller announced several months ago that his investigation would be complete by the “end of summer.’ that should mean late August or early September.

I hope that Trump will be out of office before the November 2018 elections, Impeached and indicted for treason and conspiracy and other unpardonable offenses, which will include his entire administration.




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