Jul 20 2018

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Considering everything that is transpiring and has transpired in the last year and a half since Trump became President, is a remarkable statement to the indifference and ignorance of the vast majority of Americans. Trump has done everything he could to destroy the basic fabric of America. He’s an obvious idiot, pervert. liar and hypocrite of the worst order of human beings. He’s a fascist a racist and an imbecile who sold his soul and his country to Russian oligarchs and Vladimir Putin for billions of dollars and has no integrity.

Far worse than Donald Trump are his traitorous followers in Congress. The brain dead members of the FREEDOM CAUCUS have to be the walking dead. Zombies and demons of the crypt. Ryan and McConnel are the satanic high priests, sanctioning the cruelest, and most debase actions of Trump. The Crazy Evangelical movement has sanctioned Trump as the second coming of Christ.  I can not and will not accept anything these satanic crazies in or outside of the executive,  judicial and legislative branches of government. The Intelligence, military and state departments must stand up against this insane take over of American government by pro-Russian traitors and corrupt and incompetent members of Trump’s Cabinet and White House Staff.

After the Helsinki debacle and public show of treason and treachery by a sitting U.S president, there can be no compromising with this imbecile and his incompetent and treasonous administration, and the Russian traitors in Congress and the Senate. No one in their right mind as a patriot and citizen of integrity and intelligence can possibly accept what is happening to our country without demanding the impeachment, removal, and indictment of Trump and his incompetent and criminal cronies and cabinet members and judicial appointments.

L.A. Steel

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