Jun 21 2018

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Many who are still supporting Trump and his insane policies are the least educated, and most dependent upon social safety net programs. They are the opioid addicted, neo-nazis, white supremacists. They are the people most people would stay away from, walk on the other side of the street from. They are the bullies and braggarts from elementary and high schools, cruel co-workers. They are the brain dead bosses promoted by nepotism or their willingness to lie, cheat or steal for and from their companies. So many Trump supporters are racists, dropouts, and illiterates unable to find employment other than the lowest type of work or resorting to crime as dope dealers, gang members, bank, and convenience store robbers, carjackers. sex workers and traffickers.  They proudly have their exhaust blackened Trump bumper stickers and lawn signs.displayed.   They can not and will not disparage Donald Trump even when he orders an end to their food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, housing subsidies and advocates police brutality, cruel and heartless immigration policies and moronic executive orders and whose policies are leading to countless layoffs and factory closures.

Trump and Sessions push for the illegal and unconstitutional seizure of all assets from anyone arrested prior to arraignment or conviction, making it impossible to raise bail or pay for legal representation, and violating the basic right of innocence before proven guilty.

There is no surprise for most international residents and Human Rights advocates to see Trump and his toadies Sec. of State Pompeo and the heartless U.N Ambassador Nicki Halley, who advocates genocide of the Palestinians by Israel. and ignores massacres and genocides around the world, pull out of the U.N Council on Human Rights.  The U.S can no longer stand before the world as a Human Rights advocate after it has bombed and destroyed countless lives in the Middle East and sides with and sells weapons to the most savage and ruthless dictators in the World, and stands firmly with Israel even though Israel has been condemned by all countries but the U.S for human rights violations of genocide and racist apartheid.

Americans of the highest intelligence and most compassionate must take back their country and government, otherwise, we are no better than Nazi Germany under Hitler or any other brutal dictators, murderers, and thieves who kill any opposition, and savagely treat their citizens with brutal and unjust laws, and the illegal detainment of parents and children seeking asylum.  We must stop Trump and rid our government of him and his imbeciles and psychopaths he’s implanted into his administration.

L.A. Steel

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