Apr 24 2018

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Donald Trump depicts the worst of humanity. He is a vile plague cast upon the world. He is a pestilent disease, erupting everywhere , especially in Washington D.C, causing immediate nausea, repulsion and disgust to all who meet him or greet him around the world, except for his devoted Neo Nazi followers and Fox News fanatics . Everything about him is a breeding ground for the most debase  , brain and flesh eating parasite ever to plague the world. His recent meeting with the French President and his wife are a show boat display of Trump’s paltry platitudes to appease European criticism , while trying to grope and sexually assault the French President’s wife.

Trump’s arrogance and stupidity are on display daily with his moronic presidential tweets. Now he apparently is attracted to the most vile and debase brain diseased cast and contributors of the Fox News Network, who are becoming his closest advisers. The blatant insanity of these far right, wing nut, Fox News Trump minions and sycophants,  are beyond all rational reasoning. Their desperate insults against Trump’s critics and inane arguments for Trump’s policies and personality flaws are beyond all comprehension.

If Donald Trump were accused of pedophilia Justice Jeanine, Sean Hannity,  Tucker Carlson and Loud mouth Laura Ingrahm would be whooping and wailing  at how unfair the media reporting is,and how they would trust Donald Trump with their own children. Once The Russian Pee Tape and Dossier are made public and Mueller eventually indicts Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors, all the Trump media sycophants will be arrested as well,for enabling and encouraging the Trump crime family to continue their crime spree, with Russian mob laundered money financing all Trump businesses and real estate holdings. Then all  Fox News and Evangelical Trump lovers will loudly defend Donald Trump’s pissing on Russian prostitutes, while denying his proven collusion with Russia influencing the 2016 elections.



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