Feb 22 2018

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The Great Republican visionaries have done it again. They have denied the pleas of the Florida School shooting survivors who descended upon their state capital in Tallahassee demanding gun control and banning assault weapons, and demanding universal back ground checks on potential gun owners before they are allowed to purchase a gun. The absolute stupidity and virtual insanity of the Florida law makers , took action and refused to pass a bill for gun control. Everyone of them including the Governor of Florida have received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the NRA and gun manufacturers to vote against any gun control legislation. Once again they have ignored the pleas of mass shooting survivors and their families by turning away from their rightful duty of protecting people they were elected to serve.

I have no use for Republicans. Their party is as corrupt and imbecilic as the Democrat Party. Neither party has any clout left with the majority of Americans. Those who believe in Republican principles of small government, weapons for everyone, food, clothing, shelter or health insurance for no one but themselves and their wealthy donors are sick racists and narcissists like their idiot leaders and Trump. Americans must protest , rebel and demand that the Republican and Democrat parties either completely reform their platforms to adequately and compassionately meet and serve the needs of all the American people or, expect the worse for their own individual careers and the future of their pathetic parties.

Trump and the Republicans proved who  they were yesterday when meeting with the shooting survivors. They halfheartedly listened to the desperate students and parents who lost friends and family. Trump said he would “look into it”, and other Republicans said little or nothing to the statements of the surviving students who spoke directly to them.  America has a terminal disease, a cancer of political corruption created by the inept and brain dead, infected Republicans and Democrats currently controlling the government..

As a word to the wise, from someone who has been through many mass protests and has shouted out his disgust at the government as a broadcaster for twenty years, the only way to change the government, is to change ourselves, into people who demand justice, and proper government, and are willing to make the efforts needed to do so, not by listening anymore to the idiots of the Republican and Democrat parties,  or the Moronic President and his staff , who laugh at the misery of the American people, that their cruel and inhumane policies are destroying




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