Feb 16 2018

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Racism Is A Major Religion In America and Donald Trump Is Its High Priest


Racism in America has become rampant, since Donald Trump was elected. His duplicitous victory was realized, because Hillary and the Democrats were exposed for the crooks and cronies they really are, and have not changed enough to convince the American people to trust them again. A third party must be established either by lawful or revolutionary means. The sale of our government to corporations has turned our elected officials into corporate whores,on their knees with their hands out ,begging for a financial donation to keep them in office. What makes our government so incompetent and corrupt is, that both political parties are unable to honor the people they serve, by doing what they promised or what is honest and good in nature, rather than cold , cruel and corrupt. American voters and voters from every country deserve the right to choose their leaders. The corporate monopoly over American Politics is what has crippled our country, and punished so many Americans with hunger, homelessness, unemployment , medical needs, and complete hopelessness. The opioid pandemic and hopeless depression are killing thousands of Americans every week from overdoses, and murders and suicides by guns.

The anger coming from the White Supremacist Movement is created by people like Donald Trump. People who can not tolerate the concept that they are born equal to everyone, and with opportunity and education,  all can be successful , because we share equally in the pride of being an American.  I have always been grateful that I was born in the United States. Few countries like the U.S have had a democratic form of government for over 250 years with such a mixed racial population. I am glad to be alive today to benefit from the millions of sacrifices made by our ancestors, to keep the United States safe and industrious and leader of the free world.

We cannot maintain our national safety and leadership in the world by retreating into our primitive racial, cultural paranoia, where gangs , tribes and nationalities threatened each other with genocide. Genocide of all non white races are the goal of the Racist Political Right. White racists have hijacked Jesus Christ, to wave or burn as a cross, their hatred for non white humanity. Donald Trump sparked the fire of racist rage in the people who were most forgotten. No body knew how many cloistered racist communities existed in the U.S.  Trump’s initial appeal to voters was his promise to aid the most depressed and forsaken members of our society. The poor white male and female who have been deprived and beaten, lied to and forgotten by their elected local , state and federal governments. They believed Donald Trump would help them, but they never believed that Donald Trump really hated them, until he ground their heads into the dirt with his feet, stripping away every social safety net , and creating a genocide against them. His directing hatred towards the racial and national differences in our population, caused chaos and gave strength to the Alt Right , all white movement.

Racism is a popular method of mass mind control. Trump learned this by his intensive study of Hitler and the Nazis. His father was a known member of the KKK.  His first wife Ivana , stated in her book and interviews , that “He kept Hitler’s book  Mien Kampf on his night stand.” This week Trump said he wanted to have a big military parade to show off our might to the world. This is the exact same mind control tactic used by Hitler and all autocrats since Julius Caesar, to show strength and leadership with national loyalty. This parade Trump asked for is for the same reason all dictators want them. Trump’s religion is racism, hatred for humanity, soullessness, greed and vanity.  His ministry of hate must be stopped by a tidal wave of  national compassion for its helpless, homeless,  poor and sick, who voted for Trump, because he was the only presidential candidate that promised he would remember them  and fix the broken government if they elected  him.

Trump’s campaign sparked the flames of smoldering national white racial supremacy. Steve Bannon was the architect of Alt Right and the racial radicalization of poor white people. These same  American white voters are so blinded by their hate and confusion of their own lives, they must turn the blame away from themselves, and reflect it onto all non white races in every nation in the world. Racial hatred is in all DNA. Regardless what nationality or race we are, we are all vulnerable to discrimination, hatred and genocide from other races, religions or nations. Our world survival depends on the wisdom and compassion of its human inhabitants. Mankind has been given the stewardship of the Earth and has done a poor job of administering it .  Donald Trump’s Administration has failed the American people by it’s irresponsible stewardship of our government ,and must be corrected and stopped before the harm it creates to all Americans is irreversible.



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