Jan 09 2018

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fun with fire and fury 2018

The last few days since the release of the book “Fire and Fury’ have been the most  fun the  news media and the reading world have had in over a year, since Donald Trump won the election and was inaugurated. The author Mike Wolff stated in an interview that his book is a “cultural event,  when the American people say, holy crap”. That is more or less what Trump Watchers have said about the book’s revelations, even though we thought we had heard most of Trump’s scandals and read or heard about most of his babbling tweets.

As a writer and broadcaster I am having fun laughing daily at Steve Bannon’s lame retractions, Stephen Miller’s insane denials, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders angry, inept, and ridiculous responses to reporters. Bannon and Miller  were two of Trump’s closest aids, during his first year in the White House. No one has any respect for Stephen Miller as Trump’s top ass kisser and lousy speech writer.  He’s Trump’s tool and fool, and he also had business dealings with the Russians. Steve Bannon’s reputation as a publisher and presidential adviser has all but been destroyed as the country sees him for what he really is, a racist, white supremacist, isolationist, who is so obviously slovenly Trump recently started calling him “Sloppy Steve”.

All anyone can do now is watch the fire as it burns out of control  as Trump’s White House Staff and his entire administration runaway to escape the blaze, or are suffocated and burned by the smoke and fire of the cover-up and lies from Trump, Miller , Huckabee Sanders, and anyone else trying to put our the fire, while Trump continues to set new White House fires daily. Once Trump is impeached or indicted which ever happens first, his entire staff will have been questioned individually by Robert Mueller (or already have been), the FBI and a Senate Impeachment Committee, and then the details and truth of the book “Fire and Fury” as well as all of Trump’s crimes and craziness will be revealed, and the fire and fury of anger from all Americans will  consume the country.

I can only imagine what the world is thinking now about Trump and his staff. Every leader of every country must have read or ordered by now a copy of the book “Fire and Fury” , to read and try to understand the Trump Administration, and how they can possibly work with Trump or anyone on his staff, since they are all completely dysfunctional, and have no clue as to how to run a government.

L.A. Steel


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