Dec 08 2017

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2002 Connecticut Democrat State Convention Documentary

This program was filmed at the 2002 Connecticut Democratic Convention. I was campaign manager for Ned Coll a gubernatorial candidate who was a former member of Gov. Ella Grasso’s advisory board and renown national poverty activist and co founder of Habitat for Humanity with President Jimmy Carter. Ned Coll ran for President in 1972 as a Democratic candidate and took part in the national debates.

Some of the many notables at the convention were Richard Blumenthal now Senator, and George Jepson present St.Atty General, and many State and Nationally known politicians.
These Democrats were fighting against the corrupt Republican Gov. John Rolland, who won the 2002 election, then was indicted for fraud and corruption in 2003, and served 2 years in Federal Prison. His Lt.Governor Jodi Rell assumed the Governorship under great scrutiny , and she served for 3 years, until she was defeated by a Democrat opponent in 2006. Many of the official State offices are still held by Democrats, who were running for re-election during the 2002 State Convention.




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