Oct 31 2017

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I had posted recently that I thought Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was not going to indict anyone from his Russian/Trump administration investigation, and it was all political theater, but he proved me wrong so far. Yesterday’s indictments and arrests of Manafort, and Gage and the arrest and guilty plea of Trump’s campaign adviser  Papadapoulos are damning enough to make Trump shake in his loafers, and Putin wonder when Mueller’s other foot will come down on his back.

The Russians paid off Hillary and her campaign chairman John Podesta millions, and sold Putin’s energy company 20% of a U.S uranium mine.  I can understand Hillary Clinton’s treason and Barack Obama’s involvement with this deal, and all the dirty dealings between Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton, and Barrack Obama . All of this happened under  Mueller’s watch as FBI Director as did the entire 911 white wash of G.W. Bush’s domestic and international war crimes.  I still do not trust the outcome of this Trump investigation to indict Trump and all of his cohorts, however it is a good first start, and I predicted indictments would begin to be filed before Thanks Giving. I can only hope more indictments are forth coming for Trump and all involved with Russian rigging elections.

I reserve my full congratulation until Trump is indicted, impeached and resigns, but until then I give Robert Mueller my heart felt  congratulations so far, and hope I can send him a congratulatory box of  candy and a dozen roses, when Trump and all of his treasonous staff , family members and Cabinet members are perp walked into FBI prisoner vans.

L.A. Steel


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