Oct 11 2017

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Senator Bob Corker was correct in calling out Donald Trump and his chaotic White House. Trump continues to prove himself unfit for office in his compulsive tirades of absolute stupidity and moronic tweets. Most of his original staff have been fired or resigned and replaced by General Kelly approved replacements. The biggest farce and blow hard , former White House Aid Steve Bannon is proving to be as insane as Trump.He was fired for his noted racism and support of White Nationalists, after the Charlottesville riot, and for his Alt Right idiotic philosophy, as well as writing Trump’s UN speech, that insulted most of the world and made Trump look like a complete moron.

Senator Corker sees the impending danger of continuing the Trump presidency and is calling him out as a demented elderly adult, and his White House staff have created an Adult Day Care to take care of him.  Today Trump announced that he will revoke the broadcast licenses of NBC and any other Network news operations that continue to insult him. Only an idiot would even consider making such an outrageous statement. By threatening the media’s right to free speech and reporting puts Trump in direct violation of the 4th Amendment, and makes him fodder for every news anchor and reporter in the country. That statement alone will create a media war against him not seen since the aggressive investigative reporting by the Washington Post of Richard Nixon, which led to his historic  impeachment and resignation.

Trump’s tax bill will be soundly defeated , because of its complete stupidity and simplicity that awards all the One Percent like himself with ‘Yuge” tax savings, and adds 4 trillion dollars to the National Debt. No responsible Republican worried about the national debt would approve Trump’s tax bill, unless they are as stupid as Trump is. His cabinet members are as stupid as he is and  are completely inept, and are now being called out by Congress and the American people for their horrible decisions.. If Congress passes this tax bill it will destroy the Middle and Working Classes in America , even though Trump blatantly lies when he says it will cut middle class taxes. Trump lies about everything.

Senator Bob Corker is absolutely correct in calling Trump a buffoon, and a demented elderly man needing adult day care, in a nursing home.   The tragedy of Sen.Corker’s statement is that it is true of Donald Trump. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Donald Trump taken out of the Oval Office in a straight jacket handcuffed to a wheel chair cursing at everyone in sight. I wish America good luck, and God speed Trump’s impeachment and Mueller’s pending Trump indictments for obstruction of justice, corruption and treason.

L.A. Steel


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