Sep 13 2017

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I have spent the last 20 years working as a broadcast activist, writer and artist and all I have witnessed and observed during this time, I have tried to present to the world in some way. When I speak to someone  face to face, it seems I am not as effective as I am in other ways I communicate.

Artists and writers are creators. We create reality or we recreate reality into what we see and understand, whether we are moving forward or retreating we are expressing the ideals of our hope and fear. No creator can be held back by constraints of convention or censorship.  Artists are intuitive and interpretive beings, we communicate to others in ways that are new or old, erratic , eclectic or erotic. . Few powers communicate as effectively as Truth.

It doesn’t matter how  little we have or how greatly we suffer , what matters is how we cope with our suffering and losses, and remain resolved to overcome them, and be happy in every moment we are alive.

L.A. Steel



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