Sep 07 2017

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I was overwhelmed by emotion this morning, as I watched news reports of the devastation brought by hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  I imagined the shock, horror and grief of the millions of people now in the path of these hurricanes.  It is mindless to try to understand why so many are suffering so greatly.  The U.S is suffering from two massive hurricanes within weeks of each other. The North Western United States is currently being burned by hundreds of major forest fires , caused by three years of drought.

May The Creator let all who have suffered rise in faith and resolve, to rebuild their lives and overcome the present devastation of their homes, towns, cities and livelihoods. Americans and all victims in all countries, who have suffered from natural and man made disasters, must accept the frailty of their physical lives against the overwhelming power of nature, and respect the invincible power of their own spirit.

L.A. Steel



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