Jun 15 2017

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During the elections of 2016, Jeff Sessions was a major Trump cheerleader. Unlike what happened to most of Trump’s celebrity cheerleaders Sessions was the only one who could hang on to the Trump Train Wreck to win the election. Either Jeff Sessions knew Donald Trump personally and respected him, (which now seems hard to believe) or Trump lied to him and played him for a fool promising Sessions the Atty General Job for the most corrupt president in history. Trump has thrown Sessions under a bus, like he threw everyone else who diminished his shine.  Sorry Jeff but the only way to regain any of your integrity is to resign. To continue as Trump’s Attorney General, while he sinks in his own Tweets is a fool’s choice.

Trump will destroy Sessions as he did to Comey, Flynn, Christy, Gingrich and Gulliani  and soon to be fired Sean Spicer . Kelly Anne Conway has gone under cover never to be seen on television again. Steve Bannon has been demoted to slovenly public pictures and suicidal looks of anger and depression. Since the assassination attempts on Congressional, Republican, Baseball players, Mike Pence or Paul Ryan are not eager to assume a new promotion to the presidency.

Mike Pence has kept his nose cleaner than the other members of Trump’s team. Pence must be horrified at the thought of his being implicated in the Russian entanglements and must wish he was back in his Governor’s office in Indiana, rather than in succession for the office of an Impeached and possibly imprisoned President.

The party is over guys and girls of the Trump administration. It’s time to go home, before you all get arrested for letting Trump drive you off a cliff, under the influence of  the Russian government.

L.A. Steel



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