May 08 2017

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Since the beginning of May I have not been able to write about politics or national events, because I realized that I completely misunderstood the depth of cruelty and evil of Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress. Trump’s mastery of the lie and his ability to deceive has gained him the Presidency of the United States. I am completely amazed and baffled at how I was caught up in the ” Trump Revolution”, only to see what a fool I was. ‘ Bernie’s Revolution’ was for Bernie to make money. Trump’s Revolution made Trump a Trillion Dollar gain.

The gullibility of Americans is what creates politicians like Trump,  Sanders and the Clintons.  I was a real estate and finance broker for 20 years selling residential and commercial real estate. During those years I dealt with some dishonest characters, and  also some very honorable people.  The Banking industry is a thieves paradise. The Real Estate industry is a fools paradise. I taught my agents, to treat clients honestly and tell them that unless they have access to financing, they were spinning their wheels. Clients’ need for low or high risk lenders will determine quickly how much time to invest in a client, and what chances there were of making money.

Trump is a high risk, low yield, investment for the American People. He promised us prosperity and clean government.  We bought  that investment by 51% majority vote. As shareholders and investors in the U.S Government we must closely watch our  politicians, who serve special interests against the good of  Americans. Money and Morality determine an election, and excitement and hope in a candidate’s vision inspires his supporters to vote him or her into office.  Americans play a game of Democracy, when voting for their representatives, who legislate a Republic.  I did not vote for Trump, nor Hillary, I voted for myself. However, I hoped if Trump won, he would lead this country away from war and globalism, when instead he led us into them.

Mr. Trump has no leg left to stand on, which is why he is groveling on his knees to his corporate cronies, cabinet members , and Republican Congressman, to create magic and smoke screens, to divert attention away from his massive failures. His two most important advisers , Kelly Anne Conway and Steve Bannon , have been replaced by two total incompetents Ivanka and Jared.  As the world spins around each day more causes for concern face Trump and his incompetent family advisers.  Reverting back to bad business advice, Trump now leaves a trail of tears and destruction in his wake.  How many hundreds of millions of Americans will suffer and even die under his and the Republican Health care bill? How many people will go homeless and hungry because of Trump’s cruelty and contempt for the poor, sick and unfortunate American citizens, and nothing but hatred for illegal immigrants.

I dislike Mr. Trump. I have nothing good to say in his regard. I dislike the Republican Congressional Majority, and I dislike the Democrat criminals still insisting they were not to be blamed for deliberately cheating in the primaries and in the general election. There is only one alternative to healthcare in America, and that is single payer, Universal Healthcare.  It is what every other industrialized country in the world has. Americans can no longer be so gullible, as to believe anything the Republicans are trying to do is good for America. The Democrats don’t have any hold on that either, but reasonable people on either side must have come to the realization that the Trump Healthcare Bill, is nothing more than a prescription for massive suffering and genocide of the American poor and aging population.

Mr. Trump’s foreign policy is “Complete Aggression and Contempt of Foreign governments”, threatening surprise attacks on any country he doesn’t like, regardless if they have threatened us or not. This is the G.W Bush “Law of  Preemptive Strike” All of Trump’s military advisers are NeoCon holdovers from the Bush and Obama administration. There is nothing good to say about Mr. Trump or his administration. So because of so many alarming actions he’s taken since he was inaugurated I have been trying to comprehend how treacherous Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress really are.

To alleviate my growing negativity of the Trump assault against my sanity and senses , I have retreated  to find peace and  solace in the beautiful blossoms of my spring garden. My tulips were rained upon yesterday in a downpour, only a few out of 50 were broken or ruined, many others braved the downpour and lightening storm, to be taller, brighter and fuller. I want to believe that America will be like my tulips are, but I know my tulip garden will not survive through another storm, without becoming broken or drowned. I fear Mr. Trump will be the next thunderstorm for Americans, and will destroy millions of us by his foolish, cruel and ruthless decisions.

L.A. Steel       ,

leilas spring garden.


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