Jan 30 2017

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Like the majority of Americans who support most of Donald Trump’s recent actions, I am beginning to worry about Stephan Bannon’s influence on the recent presidential decisions, and the clumsy roll out of this latest Muslim Ban and Bannon’s inclusion on the Security Council.  I do not understand the urgent need for the ban without properly informing Homeland Security and other involved agencies, to prevent the storm of criticism and legal battles that have since been started. Some Americans and the media are shocked by Trump fulfilling his campaign promises. Every globalist and terrorist sympathizer in the U.S and around the world is shouting obscenities at Donald Trump and his supporters for his recent action banning the travel in and out of Middle East countries, that are active terrorist training grounds for ISIS and Alqueda and other sworn enemies of the U.S .

If a terror cell had blown up the Screen Actors Guild Award show on live television last night, I wonder what the A list of idiots would have said? “OH, Give liberty to terrorists or give me death!!!”.  The mind boggling hypocrisy of  every Anti Trump protester is a cancer and psychological disorder infesting America. It is time for all Trump supporters to come out from hiding and confront these globalist anti Americans, who insist on global anarchy as long as they are paid well and stay famous. Insanity has run rampant among the Democrat Minions fighting for “Free Pussies” and “Free Borders”. It has become a mind fuck of madness not limited to radical youth, but spread like a plague of insanity to all “Progressive” women especially to those over the age of 50.  Seventy year old women have been kicked off planes, and arrested in protests for verbally and physically attacking Trump supporters.  It may be time to round them all up, and have Trump  do what Steve Bannon did to the Media, and tell them all to  “Shut up!” But in some way I believe Trump and Bannon enjoy setting off firestorms on the Left. By irritating all of them into fits of insane anger it exposes all of them to the American people, who like and trust Trump and his team to do what they promised they would do. Trump and his team are living up to the expectations of the long forgotten and suffering Americans, who have stood by for decades without a voice in government, and watched their jobs taken from them by illegal immigrants, outsourcing and foreign theft of our national industries. Trump has stopped and pulled out of the TPP and NAFTA, and threatens removal of the U.S from the United Nations, for unfair and treasonous peace and trade agreements approved by corrupt Democratic and Republican leadership for the last 40 years.

New World Order Globalism must end , and it is ending in the United States and throughout the world. Nationalism is the new world order, where every country is governed by its own people and not rogue European bankers and their sociopathic minions. I am not firmly in agreement with the rashness of Donald Trump’s policies and recent actions, but I am in favor of rooting out the Muslim extremists in our country, and ridding the U.S of all globalist sympathizers paid for by outside agitators like George Soros and others. It is time to rid the corrupt Democrats clinging to Hillary Clinton and her army of celebrity trolls endangering American sovereignty and safety, by their treasonous acts of inciting riots and anarchy against the fairly elected President of the United States.

It is time for all patriotic Americans , regardless of their race or nationality to put the safety of America First and their racism and insane hatred to a final rest. If they persist in their outbursts and violent protests, they will be stopped by massive force and the will of fed up Americans. These foolish celebrities and incompetent congressmen and women protesting Trump’s election and executive orders will be seen for who and what they really are, and the American people will shun them,and completely destroy their careers. There is little “love or compassion” on the Left anymore. That is why I have left the Left. They no longer represent me or my philosophy of life. They do not seek the betterment of humanity, they only represent the views of their globalist rulers intent on destroying America and Europe, by their destruction of all moral values and a ceaseless onslaught of illegal immigration from third world countries,corrupting our long established cultures and freedoms, and diminish sovereign borders, and enact debilitating trade practices that allow the destruction of the middle class jobs and industry in developed nations.

The end of Globalist tyranny has arrived. The ” new world order” will forever be written in lower case letters, where ever democracy and industry are allowed to thrive. Under Donald Trump’s administration America has a chance to bring both democracy and industry back to America.   All who disagree can find safe refuge in Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau has recently  welcomed all refugees from everywhere. However, a Canadian anti Islamic group blew up a Mosque in Quebec yesterday, as a warning to their Prime Minister that crazy “Progressive” Americans and Muslim refugees are not really welcomed by all Canadians.

L.A. Steel



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